perhaps the most difficult forgiveness is for the wife to forgive her husband for making her into a prostitute to seduce the husband of a woman who is desired so much that for this terrible passion husband not only empties his own house but also the house of his neighbor… making a bloody river of the hearts and bodies of all their children placed on invented by him mechanical clocks… to make the neighbor loose himself in the dance of his own wife to let her have all the children as slaves… to make her become a woman whose desire is to only have herself as “sole” pro.pria.tor of a man… and himself as the sole “propriator” of the wife and children of his neighbor… perhaps the most difficult of all is to forgive your husband for making you a prostitute “belly” dancer to have the wife of the neighbor all to himself as a “belly” dancer who weaves and dances in the spirit world bathing all on the waves of forgetfulness… BANU… BANU… BANU… BANU… BANU… is all he says as he gives all his seed for her dance… as the wife of another vengeance manipulates his children’s baby fingers to des.troy themselves so that Banu is a perpetual dancer in the spirit world of darkness playing harp to weave her broken children’s hearts bakc to life… snowflakes fall as long as they are cold… forgiveness is the the beginning of LIFE – ancient Zhiva – beautiful Life showering cherry blossoms all around Her… LADA… MA.KOSH… ROD… ORTH… INGL… ZHIVA…



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