Karma and Past Lives – BARDO

past life conflicts are faced by all of us right now as we are all incarnated at the same time to solve them to purify all the past and to LIVE as ourselves… there has been so many evil deeds done to our family that the enemies are many, but to know the main ones is to really work on ending the war of “The Houses” forever:
our personal enemies are incarnated as Petrov-Gladky and his wife Toropova-Petrova-Marinez (enemies of the family ever since we came to Orion) – they always murdered Father and Mother, enslaved our children and recreated their bodies from ours being Archons of Original Yaltabaoth All Archons as well as Original Yaltabaoth and Sophia ARE MIND’S CHILDREN THIS IS CRUCIAL IN OVERCOMING THEIR POSSESSION – LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE FREE FROM OUR MINDS BEING POSSESSSED (TAUGHT ME MY INNER CHILD)):
Petrov-Gladky incarnates as several of them: 1) Athoth with sheeps face (round horns of the ram roll TORA of duality and separation) – Athoth is the reaper and the one who cuts Gordiev knot with his sword (being a family HEART of One Life Tree and its complicated connections); 2) Astaphaios, he has a hyena’s face and in this life-time he intended to possess The Wolf of Ragnarock in order to take our Family’s evolution down to a state of worms; 3) Yao, he has a serpent’s face with seven heads – this one burned all of us with his fire and is ancient enemy that goes as far back as Maya Pyramid mystery of Flint and Heart decided by The High Priest;
Toropova-Petrova-Marinez is incarnation to two of them: 1)monkey-faced Adonin, he is the origin of The Lemurian des.ease of Humans having sex with animals; 2) Sabaoth (host of armies (here literally – all military is controlled by Athoth – as US so Russian military, so Kabbala criminal organisation, Al Jihad, and many others – Athot wages war against God to make God rest on Sabbath Day – being murdered and re-housed by organs to people of Sabaoth – then Sabaoth rules Universe by military “gestalt” he created by cloning and hybridisation of humans with alpha-draconians – his mechanical Universe is moved around with help of water and mechanical clocks first known on Babilon – Babilonian Whore and Wandering Jew) – with a dragon face – she is original hybrid between alpha draconian female from Orion and our 1/2 kidnapped daughter (literally cut in two in light and then incarnated – all enslaved children are separated in light and hearts into 2 or more to be USED as clones) that was separated by Athoth and his holographic machine – this 1/2 was called Gestalt and was programmed to be a murderer of her own Mother and possessor of God Father’s Mind – now she is FREE finally from being enslaved by alpha-draconian hybrid! she took my favourite mismatched socks (one black – one blue)… it took a great effort to fight 1/2 of my child from Toropova-Petrova-Marinez – even now my child cries in such pain that Sabaoth had inflicted on all of us – especially on my child he used before to destroy Her own Mother…
even now these two ancient enemies with help of fallen archangels are waging war against Human God Father and Mother to be incarnated in the original bodies – plan of Yao was to rebuild himself a snake-king body out of body of God, which we are still fighting as Sabaoth is very powerful in the world which is mostly Jewish… 🙂
(see pages 5-6 of Apocryphon of John for list of Original Archons)
Babilonian Whore wished to have a body of Divine Mother, but still murdering all children to have them as her play-toys and to keep enslaving Humanity with Lemurian desease and noisy mind that suppresses voices of inner children of God and tortures them in endless wheel of Samsara…
it is very curious to know your enemies from such distant past as original ones responsible for scorching Uranus and destroying Gaia and possessing both, Khandaria MahaDeva and Lalita Devi with all their children…
their slave Anna Maltseva was to “pick up” and incarnate Freya, but Moscow team, ignorant enough, picked up and tortured Brigit instead…
no matter how many times you sent insane people to heal or to see a psychaiatrist or to simply STOP, they refuse – these and their people are so sick that they cannot stop murder even now!


10-8-5-3-1 is the path of The Archons to be conquered by Children of The Human God



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