Man and Powers of AEROS

The Power of The Dragon is extremely sexual – it is to grow Garden of Eden upon Bona DAE Fra Ma… Yet Man can be enslaved by the Power if a man lets this power to come through his phallus instead of coming up through the NAVEL… this is the beginning of Spiritual Syphilis and the exstasy of The Power of AEROS coming through physical phallus can disconnect a man from The HEART of his woman and children as well as disconnect him from The HEART of ONE LIFE… this is the way of UMA’s father sacrificing the horse and his daughter in fire for others… this is the way of Khandaria Mahadeva being perverted to snake-power of Parvati enslaved WILL of Shiva by tremendous sexual desire – loosing the Heart of his Banu (Lady & Little sister)… this is the way of downfall of Humans to Lemurian sexual des.ease of having sex with animals… this is HOW Milky Way and other galaxies were perverted – from the original natural inability of Man’s body to channel The Power correctly to modern machine that simply does it to everyone – man, woman and a child regardless if we are evolved enough to appreciate The AEROS of The Powers as HUMANS – not as animals…





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