Paradise – Then and Now… :)

In times of Ancient of Days Paradise was a beautiful Garden atop the hill in Brasilia (=Paradise)

Then, Dinasors came and paradise was destroyed… The Oriel is gone… there is a Heart that’s gone into possession of holographic knives that pierce it and imprison Little Children of Its Human Being… 5 thieves have settled there and people forgot it ever existed…

Then, just some time today, we discovered that Paradise had transformed even more, after Adam and Eve have visited it and destroyed it with their desire for knowing themselves:

Pyramid is still the same, yet into the pyramid are inserted Living Hearts that are stretched there by 2 snakes: i called them Vasuki and Manasa Naga – they responded with love… yet they can also be Samael and Lalita (if to call them Biblically)… instead of green paradisical forest, there was a hologram of a clock inserted there (my child took it off and we are waiting for mechanical circle of Wandering Jew to stop). After my Cheburashka stepped off, the hologram of a couple was played – them, he in black glasses of classical Matrix player – she blond in dress of 60-s – their ghostly apparitions took a photograph on top of empty pyramid and then vanished as holographic “movie” ended. So is “Paradise” of modern “Spiritual” seeker…

My Cheburashka had an idea that perhaps we should free all the Hearts from this metal pyramid to free them from suffering being stretched around all the time in the round of Mechanical Clock of Night of God…

at least bestiary has some of Paradisical ANIMA.L(s) de.scribed…

for example Alkyion (Alkonost) – “beakless eagle” – eagle with an open Heart – beautiful GUARDIAN of my Soul i have… as well as some others (i hope)…

"Алконост". Рисунок Л.Дедковой

Сирин. Иллюстрация Елены Ермаковой

Алконост — в славянской мифологии райская птица с женским ликом

Сирин — в славянских мифах райская птица с ликом девичьим, песней своей погубить способная

P.S. Alkion is also a Star in Pleiades friend of Atlas – both are my friends… Alciona (&*&) Lotik (in language of Human anscestors aka Vikings) are twins (fact little known to anyone) – BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN THEY ARE – BEAUTIFUL AND BRAVE – STILL TRYING TO STOP THIS MODERN MECHANICAL CLOCK UNIVERSE AND RISING OF ALCYONE ON TOP OF “XRISTMAS” TREE SPIRALED UP BY SPIRITUAL SYPHILIS (THAT AFFECTS THE BRAIN) BETWEEN 2 COSMIC NIGHTS…

File:Treponema pallidum.jpg



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