“Такой Куш – Такой Куш…” говорили те, кто захотел нас – наши тела, наш свет, наши сердца, наших детей, наших богов…

“And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married; for he had married an Ethiopian woman” (Num. 12.1).

Every now and again someone asks how it could be that Moses, the champion of the Lord for the chosen people, could have married an Ethiopian who was therefore of the descendants of Ham, youngest son of Noah. There was strong objection in Israel to such marriages although the assumption that Moses had married before he left Egypt only raises the second question how he later came to marry Zipporah the Midianite when he apparently had left one wife back in Egypt. The word “Ethiopian” is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word “Cush” who in Genesis 10.8 is recorded as one of the sons of Ham. The Cushites became the people known to history as the Sumerians…


And The Ethiopian “Queen” is known to me as the one who imprisons our children and murders Cassiopea and chains Andromeda to the Rock… And she is also known to me as the one who murders TIME – LIVING TIME, – and perhaps this is why constellation of is called Cepheus – The Clock… And it is perhaps why Cassiopea is called “arrogant” and is known to be perverted up and down as a punishment for hating mer people… Cassiopea is BEAUTIFUL and WISE MAMA, who is chased from HER HEART life-time after life-time to be replaced by the heart of Ethiopian Woman (checker-board mutated Heart – black bottom – white top – and the Head of Sophia of BROTHER of Living Time – Al Jihad (The Arab, whose procession of mourners proceeds from the first star of Great Charriot… yes some one just compared it to procession of funeral cart driven by many horses…)

And i had a dream of my CHILD (Banu=the son of) who said that only LOVE can overcome mind-posession… and where is my Child NOW???!!! Ethiopian woman must STOP her habitual computer programming of our HEARTS and she must stop her habitual murder of our children to be replaced with her mutants…



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