Vesta The Hearth of Holy Fire…

Vesta (Latin pronunciation: [ˈwɛsta]) is the virgin goddess of the hearthhome, and family in Roman religion. Vesta… the sacred fire that burned at her hearth and temples.

Greek heuei, Latin uritustio and Vedic osathi all conveying burning and the second is found in Vesta, Greek Hestia. See also Gallic Celtic visc “fire.”

The importance of Vesta to Roman religion is indicated by the prominence of the priesthood devoted to her, the Vestal Virgins, Rome’s only college of full-time priests. Vesta is the hearth of Rome… Having visited Rome, i FELT its being bloody grave-yard NOW – so bloody – it reeks in blood… Rome’s destroyer of Vesta-The-Hearth is Coli.seum – the round one – the circus of bloody games, where free men, being made slaves, were made to defend themselves from hired murderers… these free men were called gladi.ators… “shadows & dust” free men be.came as the bloody circus replaced sacred fire of Vesta…

i have seen Vesta in my visions – beautiful Bride (when Heart’s purse of Her immortal consciousness is undone and unfolded into “bridal veil” by Samael) – beautiful Vesta (when Her Heart is within the sacred Heart’s purse of consciousness ancient Maya called “Ola”)

Ola is a purse of Heart’s consciousness that resembles long hair of a woman that connect all that is as if coming from her head and down long behind her – Vesta’s hair are white and so long… truly as long as bride’s longest veil… this night i saw Vesta’s groom – he is Her twin – he was wearing yellow kerchief in a manner of a pi.rate or a sailor… and Vesta had no veil, but Her hair again… and i know Her twin – her groom,  – as God – as perfect Man… and there is also another, who always craves Vesta as his wife – and his likeness is that of a dark angel, who always destroys Vesta into a snow falling and covering earth in winter time… and this is the essence of his name – “he who brings snow and scatters it all over”and in Hindu tradition he is known as black magician who commands two Nagies – Va.SuKi (&*&) Mana.Sa Nagi – brother (&*&) sister – king (&*&) queen of all the nagas… whose count is 1000… and how to persuade this dark magician to stop destroying Holy Fire of The Hearth and Her Bodhi is unknown to me even now, when he expressed Love and temperance… and this dark magician is also known to me as anti-weather and anti-time and humangous grief of God for his destroyed children and companion (wife of God, who is known as LIFE)…

Glyph T99.534:57 - o-la-si

o-la-si (olas) (T99.534:57) 1> n. phr. “the whole” 2> adj. + n. “the whole set” (?)

File:Temple of Vesta (4292736669).jpg

Ruins of The Temple of Vesta just outside Coliseum Arena…

there are trees growing (i forgot which ones – apple or apricot) and the flowers cheer up the ruins of what is now a museum… and the flowers help to forget the bloody terror that overcomes The Soul and The Mind and The Spirit in the ruins of Coliseum’s OVA(L)…

someone had recreated looks of Temple of Vesta… 🙂

Temple de Vesta

just as Her Temple in Coliseum Vesta is a rock-of-an-asteroid in a round of asteroids surrounding our inner Solar system…




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