Horn of Plenty and Cosmic Worms


I cope with U…

I cope with kops…

I cope with corn and Johnny Depp

as he eats corn that he had grown on the field

out of his murdered wife just outside his forest house by the “Window”…

all Cosm.IK worms are reaping human hearts by hook.it tails being our “hats”

they pull our hearts and torture til our God or Goddess flees from pain

and then the worms re.join themselves to so “harvested” black-holed “dancing round”

for themselves…

and so all Human Soul Stars are being Corn.U.Copied by worms’ horny “horns”

and human heads these worms possess

de.siring healthy humans into chains of holo.graphic porno “cabarets” & “bistros”…

God is banished by these worms in favour of themselves…

These black on bottom – white on top – so corn.U.copied former human Hearts… and heads…

and so the chain of “Humans being themselves for little while then be.coming some.one else” continues so long – e’er since initial 10th AEON Sophia had be.got.ten child Yalthabaoth whose Archons are destroying the TRUE HEAVEN replicating “heaven” of themselves… half-lights and darklings of the pa3archial-ma3archial de.vision of our HEARTS and MINDS and BODIES…

for whatever reason worsest worm of Middle Earth is known to me as incarnated actor Johnny Depp… his movies and his worm keep many Soul Stars on very bottom of creation… friends with worms of Samael and Karch, whose Roy is “father” of the moving “porno-video-gestalt”…

the forth of worms is known to me as one of the Orion make…

and rest of worms-Yaltabaoths are made the initial ones…


Study finds novel worm community affecting methane release in ocean

Study finds novel worm community

affecting methane release in ocean


image source and right to copy @


to congratulate Johnny Depp with 50th B-Day:

there is a novel by Michail Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”, where the team of mischief doers lead by Voland (The Devil Himself) are housing themselves in Moscow apartment # 50… In modern process of awakening Humans into worm-reptilian-kingdom of bottom of the ocean we live on, these like to rehouse everybody into so-called “Moscow apartments”, which are rectangular aquariums-prisons located up around different planets throughout Universe (i have seen only those “Moscow apartments” located around Venus – these already began to be destroyed… and there is a great desire of real Moscow “zhidi” to possess planet Venus to create there instead of Its Natives… Venusians are murdered because Moscow “jews” hold too much power after WWII… whoever can finally stop these “podonki”=”bottom-dwellers” from murdering Humans, Time, Life, Death and God is welcome TO DO…)


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