Flowers in God’s Garden

and God promised Children that there will be Sunflowers also growing in the Flower Garden of Middle Earth, where God planted Roses, Peones, Mums, Astras, Lotuses…  and the Middle Earth is growing within each one of us – upon our Bona DEA Frag(rant)Ma… and all we need is to remember that we are HUMAN GOD’S CHILDREN – FLOWER CHILDREN, whose flowers have a sacred root and grow through our Sacred Cord that always connects us to our Mother’s womb… even after our bodies are taken out of Its Egg House… sex as most know it is from the reflected fallen “kingdom” of Adam & Eve – children of Yaltabaoth – the darkness and destruction is their “ground” where they toil and toil and toil… until last Flower Child of Human God is per-versed into themselves… why cannot they stop??? why do they hate Flower Children of Human God???



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