Kha(N)DariA MahaDeva (&*&) UMA MahaDevi

all troubles are from forgetting to see ALL with the eyes of a CHILD yet unspoiled by his parents’ attentions…


Beautiful baby trying to catch green leaf


Siddham letter kha

Kha (Heaven as a gate)

Siddham letter da

Da (generosity)

Siddham letter long a

a (Space)

Siddham letter ma

Ma (My)

Siddham letter ha

Ha (Cause)

D(a) E Va(M) is equal to Generosity Seeking Speech (“m” is a “limit” sign signed as : at the end of word to mean “within space”)

here is initial sid.dhammas D+E+Va(m)

Siddham letter da Siddham letter short e Siddham letter va(Siddham letter anusvara)

this is the gift of 10 (ten) dhammas to all space of life aka “dhamma realm”

Siddham letter dha

KhanDariA MahaDeva is literally “Heaven’s Gate” – “The Giver of All Life” – “The Father” – “The Giver of All Space of Life”…

“space of life” is trans-slated in the diction-ari of Human Ancestors as TIME… Living Time… imprisoned nowadays in atomic “K.Locks” of scorched UranUs & Gaia with their two children…

LaLita Devi is either our UMA (wisdom) or hOUr KosmKi ( in Japanese KiMono means “Ki”=thing + “Mono”=to wear… in phallic “greek” Kosm means “twisted hair” – phallic “greek” i say be.cause in Slavik “Ellin” who have sinned (fell low or down) is called “greek” – same goes for word “phallus”, which simply means “fallen one”)

Siddham letter la

(La=a mark=dhamma(s) in space as either “shakti” or “marks” of “shakti”)

Siddham letter la Siddham letter short i (LI=”shakti” through healTHY 5 senses)

Siddham letter la Siddham letter long i (LEE=”calamity” of kosmik “dog” barking through-out “kosms” of de.S.troy.ed LaLiTa Devi and fallen phallUS.S of de.S.troy.ed sons (=suns) of KhanDaria MahaDeva… here “S” in all english words means “Selo” sid.dhamma of our Human Ancestors’ alpha.beth that is pictographed as a “Snake”=evil snake that attacks humans “Selo” literally means 2-in-one: “that which is low or brought low”=”village” (in the pit of the valley between two mountains fallen from its original horizontal “middle earth” under “pa-three-arch-I-al(l)” of “multi-storied” LAY.ER(S) of on-high(S) “Selo”=evil snake (usually in Hindu mythology Slavik sid.dhamma “Selo” is associated with poison of VaSuki Naga that comes with churning of SheSha until Khandaria MahaDeva drinks “kosm.IK” poison in order for all to be alive and falls down as Shiva with blue throat… in Slavik “VaSuki Naga” means “Snake that is produced by the (S)ounds (non-(S)top barking) of female dog(S))… it is very curious that dogs are bred in captivity whereas wolves are natural animals…

Siddham letter ta (Ta=suchness=essence of any.thing)

and so depending on whether LaLiTa or LaLeeTa, Our GAIA – hOUr HeAVEnli MATER is either ALIVE and WHOLE or in KosmKi state of Her worm-holed KiMono(S) patched by the twisted hair of Shiva thorn and tangled by wild dances of whirling (S)nakes…

(seed.dhammas images courtesy of JayaRava @

File:Architecture of the Khajuraho temples.jpg

Khandaria Mahadeva Temple at Khajuraho

 <b>Anonyme</b> :  <b>Vidyadhara</b> : Erotic sculptures on the Kandarîya Mahadeva

central statue from one of four walls of Khandaria Mahadeva Temple is depicting “scorched sky” & “second wife” Parvati (one who is torn between two desires for whom she cut off her head when she was inflamed with her longing for KhanDaria Mahadeva – in Apocripha of John Parvati is known as Pistis Sophia (Sophia who bears a child without her companion – Yaltabaoth – child with lion’s head and snake’s body, – child who always rolls as a snake and is knowing only his ma.ther(in.G) without his fa.ther(in.G) ~ “ther”=”terra” and “to tear” DUAL as any known written WORD as opposed to unwritten NADA… f.e. word “God” is reversed as “Dog” ever since Khandaria MahaDeva was scorched by HEARD & VISIBLE words… i have seen the original dog – Pistis Sophia (fallen ennoya (thought) of The Father), who is trans-forming herself between likeness of a woman (action) and a dog(friend & servant) that licks her companion’s phallus ( to in.spire its “snake-hood” to stand up & return to where Its HEART fell from… this dog hates all women who are virgin & are connected to The HEART already (this makes the dog useless as the dog cannot “hurdle” & serve her “master with animal sex any.more… i have seen the dog come out of Pistis Sophia’s feminine likeness from the very central place, where our tri.angular T-gland is located – this is the place where Zeus and Hera (means “whore of aeros”) are residing “A-top of Mt.Olympus” – this is the place, described by ancient healers so poetically in mythological language, – where these two fallen gods are directly connected to our physical body functions – this is the jealous “wife” to ever wandering “husband” who loves many “nymphs” (nimbus-es) until… both stop a.part (one with thunder.bolt – another with… until both become once again UranUs & Gaia uniteD( “Dog” to “God” by virginity exercised by “wife of husband” until “husband” gathers all “nimbuses” upon one “” body (aka Spirit Body or Light Body) – this must be done by BOTH physical partners participating in attempts to re.unite (&*&) phallen “sky” and “earth” in TOTAL virginity=freedom from phallic sexuality (as we know it)=freedom in virgin AEROS of NADA=the perfection=the absolute=complete un.ion=Un.IOn=Siddham letter short u(.)Siddham letter short iSiddham letter short o(.) of two females by third until “dog” stops leaKING “phallus” of “bindu” and dissappears completely giving W.A.Y. to HU.Man(-ity)Siddham letter short iwith.out calam(-ity) Siddham letter long i

(sid.dhammas “i” & “ee” mean “six senses” and “calamity”(-ity))

then ShiVa and Meru’s Parvati be.come once a.gain… who they are… and then liberated Jihad will per.HAARPS once again be himself… and perHAARPS will Vashishta once more be alive with all children of his AnuHata and Mitra (his brother and friend) will no longer be needed to plea our forgiveness for slaughtering cow and calves (the physical “cow” & “calfs” of so many whose feet so connect us as “fishes” to our HEARTS and our brains)… and then once again will per-haps all this whether-conditioning HAARP be per.HAps be in.spired to play as the HAARPS of Appolo instead of Belatrix’s TRIX of “The Arab” and “Harem” of his that deludes “the procession of mourners” to ever re.peat(as re.pit) LIVE Orion as dog-walking-hunter of virgins and cows… and then WILL per.HAARPS LOVE connect US a.GAIA.n to AGAIAN SEA fo AEONS… wHen Original heavenly Gate WILL re-O-pen by AEROS… wHer Orth once a.GAIA.n is re.turned to be ONE with his ThreO of Heaven united with Earth… and no longer in grief WILL all pain-less KhanDaria with Dragon-less Iron-free GAIA-3-El will UNITE MahaDeva with Uma… to “NADA” the reign (as in “rain” and the “reins”) of VaSuki & ManaSa Nagis four.ever…

Siddham letter kha

seed syllable dhih

Siddham letter sa Siddham letter ma Siddham letter ya             Siddham letter saSiddham letter maSiddham letter ya           Siddham letter saSiddham letter maSiddham letter ya           Siddham letter maSiddham letter na Siddham letter taSiddham letter ra

bodhi in the Siddham script



The riddle: “Who walks in young age on one, in middle age on two and in old age on all three?”

Mama answered for me: “Mother, Father and Child”


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