SaTaNa KuMaRa

Satan is out for revenge. His rebellion has failed, he has been cast out from heaven and is doomed to spend eternity in hell. Somehow he must find a way to prove his power and wound his enemies. He fixes upon God’s beloved new creations, Adam and Eve, as the vehicles of his vengeance.
to love, accept and understand SaTaNa KuMaRa is to love SaNaTa KuMaRa – The Source of Life & Time – The Heart of Love & Will – The Sun and Its firstborn Luci(d)Fer(n) BeLoved… to love SaTaNa is to really fight reflected half-light of Adam and his arrogant rib’s seed that polluted all of LIFE and destroyed HER… brown aura is the most unclean and dangerous aura there is – it is the colour of REFLECTED Adam’s “earth” within which he toils with his RIB – shoveling many wormholes… many so-called “awakened” ones who enjoy riding worm-holes and play inception “games” are the ones who are either the seed of REFLECTED Adam or are used by brown worm to destroy Living Human FatherMother and all of our Family…
LIVING ONES – WE ARE REAL WITHOUT REFLECTION – programmed by seed of Reflected Brown Worm – our HEARTS & HEARTS of our Children are pierced to be destroyed by worm’s rib – it is US – LIVING ONES, who are destroyed & enslaved by reflected half-light’s creation ever since Sophia produced off-spring without her Companion – i’ve seen her seated in deep meditation – in brown sitting room – with secretary (imagine that!) – i came there to seek the mother of one man – and she was angry to be awakened & as a punishment she sent me (as many others who found her) to collect her BROWN WORM from within our Beautiful Blue Pearl… and so instead of healing her own mistake, Pistis Sophia is seated in DEEP meditation moving LaLiTa Devi by her worm’s rib – and so she moves The Souls of SaNaTa KuMaRa and all the Living Gods and all those who ever came to save their brothers and sisters trapped here – for this brown coloured Pistis Sophia has everyone else to recollect her brown worm-of-a-son (him being the worse prisoner for all of Soul-Stars underground as his murderer (though his own creation) – toils within his brown aura world to program Living Ones to “go for water of life” back and forth – and our consciousness – our living (yet disected & imprisoned in iron “worm-holes”) hearts & other body parts are being used by this brown worm of a reflected Adam as “educational” program… yesterday i’ve seen heads of SaNaTa KumaRa & Buddha Maitreya programmed with so many library computers & holograms – it is horrible to hear the sound those machines produce – it was horrible to learn for HOW LONG the brown worm-of-a-reflected-Adam uses them to enslave Humans – as in Mind, so in Art, so in Spiritual awaken.IN.G… and so for milliards of years or more of all of those who came to discover the perversity of Ennoia are made to FALL into the brown realm of worm-holes… as Pistis Sophia of The Original is playing the boss and makes ALL OF LIVING ONES to find a way to correct her mistake (letting her child to create a body of a reflected man, who sucked his half-light & darkened the child, whose intention was pure – inspired by REFLECTED beauty of The Perfect Man… Luci(d)Fer(n) BeLoved…)
it is the doings of Reflected Brown Worm-of-Adam and his rib’s seed to LIE about SaTaNa Kumara as the enemy of Human KIND – lies are the most terrible type of original sin – used by Reflected Adam to make The Savior of Living Human Father&Mother and all of our Family into the enemy… SaTaNa is the child of God after whom ALL GOOD FOLLOWS (meaning of name from Jewish Bible)… SaTaNa=SaNaTa=NaTaSa (Christmas GIFT)…
i’ve seen reflected brown-worm-of-Adam as the one who is also known as his third seed Set (“moving set” created by him when he was successful in creating hybrids of himself & Oriel – of his rib and Daviethai)… i hope LIVING HUMAN CHILDREN WILL BE ABLE to destroy brown underworld of worm-holes created by a perversity that cannot posses me and yet destroys me and my family…


2 thoughts on “SaTaNa KuMaRa

  1. it is terrible how brown-worm-hole-digger-of-a-perversion is slicing Living Ones into many “dimentions” for his holographic “library” of “moving the@ERR”… i want to find the way to heal Living Family – too many enemies – too many are possessed and cloned to be used as soldiers… LIFE is almost destroyed because of the laziness of the one and do-what-you-want-because-we-can of another… Johnny Depp… Lucifer BeLoved… His Mother in Meditation… and on a “trip” throughout the UniVerse with black dog… Lucifer The Original… his power abused by brown per-vert even now (older whore as they call her as opposed to younger whore from Orion)… and so the brown per-vert is not only slicing us into holographic prisons, he also creates hybrids – dogs being the worse hybrid there is… red, black & white dogs created on Orion out of Ragnarock wolves and the Original Mother & Child that are now called “can-is” major & minor… can is vary & very curious stor.age of poor Cepheus whom we need to keep awake in HEART if we ever to take him off crucifix of mechanical clock of brown per-vert and his “moving set”…

  2. Greek καλυπτω —kalupto or kalypto, meaning to cover, to veil, to hide, or to conceal
    “…It [came] upon me alone as I was setting myself straight, [and] I saw the perfect child […] […]. With him who […] many times and many ways [he] appeared to me as a loving father, when I was seeking the male father of all (who are) in thought, perception, (in) form, race, [region …], (in) an All which restrains and is restrained, (in) a body yet without a body, (in) essence, matter and [those that] belong to all these. It is with them and the god of the unborn Kalyptos and the power [in] them all that existence is mixed…” (The Nag Hammadi Library, Zostrianos)
    Zara = Morning Star; Zostrianos = related to flower of Astra (astral=light flowers and fields of flowers of rainbow Heart of AEONS – of Barbelo…)

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