curiously enough this picture came to link to Nabu name:

here is psychiatric portrait of Nabu (whom i saw originally as des.eased Jo Dae with blue eyes – the meat-eater healing in psychiatric asylum of Archangel Michael – yesterday the child Nabu came back into my Heart – healed from ancient des.ease – beautiful white child with rare blue eyes – there is nothing else like the colour of his eyes – beautiful and most powerful Jo Dae – sweet HAERT of The Father & Mother – his long abused Death Star is most beautiful Nabu Star of the colour of his eyes…)

it is also important that the original des.ease of ware-woof is related to wolves that have been bred into dogs being captive ever since downfall of Human Heavenly Race on Orion… wolves are purifiers of the forsts whereas were-woofs are eaters of Humans & Kumans… Bloody red full mooon is related to Red Dog of Orion… Eclipsed by Sun moon is related to Black-red dog of Orion… absence of moon altogether is related to Grey dog of Orion… eaten up by vampires  “bread & wine” of body & blood of FatherMotherXristOzArmOzElOriElDavieThaiElElEth and all of our family is related to works of a white dog of Orion owned by the original creator of dogs – Set…

today happy event occurred:  yellow emperor and white emperors were transformed into Men – Lucifer The Original is now free from slave-hood of Set – him being free from the original genocide – him being returned to most beautiful Human Fo(a)M of FirstBorn – a Golden One – Golden Dragon with hearts of his eight White Ones – his Hearts are no longer used as snake-slaves of the original cannibal and vampire Set – the creator of all “were-woofs” and “vamp-(h)ae(i)rs”…

9/20/13 Garou 1/6
For Eliphas Levi “Dare say a werewolf is nothing else than the sidereal body of a man, the wolf is wild and
bloodthirsty instincts, and while his ghost and walks in the countryside, difficulty sleeping in bed and dream it
is true … The wolf blows the werewolf actually hurt the sleeping person, by odic and sympathetic congestion
of the astral light, by correspondence immaterial body with the material body. ”
Werewolves and vampires have very close links between them.
I deal here with werewolves, already alone, form a substantial issue.
Millions of human beings for centuries believed in vampires and werewolves.
Vampires themselves have the ability to mutate into a wolf.
thousands of stories, perfectly matching them, judgments, evidence, testimony, confessions (albeit under
torture most of the time).
popular belief or reality?
Reality processing or hallucination?
All this supported by demonologists and great men of the time.
Sprenger ( Malleus Maleficarum ), Bodin, Buggy ( Speech witches ), Pierre de Lancre have extensively
dealt with werewolves.
Bodin even told us that one morning in 1542 150 werewolves we live in a square in Constantinople.
Werewolves are commonly called men and women who have been transformed or morph into a wolf, or
dress up for pretend this change, thinking be changed into a wolf, or as popular belief we shows people under
the constraint of a charm or spell find themselves transmuted to the full moon.
‘s ideas demonographers a werewolf is a sorcerer with the help of the Devil may mutate into a wolf to commit
certain packages .
Mythology of the word:
Also called “werewolf” from “Lycaon” sovereign of Arcadia, which served to members of Zeus children he
9/20/13 Garou 2/6
had to kill, and he did cook.
As punishment Zeus transformed into a wolf, sentenced to tour the countryside while keeping his mental
faculties of man.
Or Nebuchadnezzar mutated beef (bousanthropie), king of Chaldea of 605-562 BC for having conquered
the kingdom of Jerusalem was struck by the God of Israel . this “disease”
Jacques d’Autun tells us about it: “It is now believed beef … he walked bent and dragged four feet like a beast
[…] wet with the dew of heaven, till his hairs were grown like eagles ‘feathers, and his nails like birds’ claws. ”
(Daniel IV, 33)
It was left for him to turn the rage of his heart and his innate thirst carnage against herds and grandchildren.
“He fled amazed, and finding silence
in stray fields that quires for
He screams and he strives in vain to speak. ”
Point of view of psychology:
In psychology, some patients describe themselves as wolves, have wolf attitude and may even become
dangerous to themselves or their surroundings.
lypemania This disease is called.
There are other variants cynanthropie for men and dogs. ..
Just as there is a mental illness with the same characteristics as the “vampire” need blood (transfusions), large
sun allergy …
D. Sennert, doctor seventeenth in occult disease , reports the facts from which it follows that “the habit of
some frenzied maniacs running the werewolf would have the analogy with the mysterious power that would
carry the Sabbath some people whose body remain in syncope. ”
For John Wier, first recognized as a disease of lycanthropy, which was also threatened the stake for this,
9/20/13 Garou 3/6
patients are “pale, with sunken eyes and tongue very dry.” “The phobia metamorphosis, “writes Dr. Borel,”
rushes into the metamorphosis. ” “Unlike schizophrenics, the possessed subjects know very well distinguish
species to the extent that in 1541 became insane back skin by concerned surgeons to see if it actually had
hair wolf returned to the inside” . R Villeneuve werewolves and vampires ”
Different explanations of lycanthropy:
According to Sprenger, “the werewolf is a real wolf has a demon that makes fierce, bold, invulnerable”
Actual physical transformation:
The werewolf is a wizard turned into an animal.
The most common idea is that the sorcerer has a double skin, that he returns to his willingness to take on the
appearance of a wolf.
Any bruising made to Wolf is the sorcerer himself,
“One day they caught a werewolf who ran through the streets of Padua, they cut off his paws, and he went at
the same time as man, but with arms and legs cut “Fincel.
The process of the cloud:
The Devil had the ability to transform into a wolf wizard to use a cloud-like beast and so closely embrace
members ghost members sorcerer, head to head, face to face, the belly to belly, feet to feet, arms, arms, he
managed to create a complete illusion. These are wolf tracks and not man he leaves behind. But the cloud is
highly permeable and at the slightest touch gives very easily, so that the shot goes directly to the sorcerer.
9/20/13 Garou 4/6
The influence of drugs:
The use of plants, seeds or roots can also create the illusion of metamorphosis.
‘s miracle plant has not been defined yet, “Cicéion, Nepenthes, Datura …” The mystery remains around here.
Belladonna The friction provides its illusion of aerial locomotion, by the ingestion of animal transformation.
‘s Hellebore, Anis, Laurel and petals of roses are the only remedies for these drugs.
A man who found two bottles, poured the palm of his hand a little of the liquor that contains a. As the liquid is
stretched, hair and pushed his hand became wolf paw. He rubbed the contents of the other bottle, and
immediately his hand returned to its natural state.
“Your seeds have germinated a night cursed
Under the eye of a sun tan, hostile and monstrous
Your same names suspects sage who meditates
9/20/13 Garou 5/6
Were banished the word, in those ancient times
know where your virtues was forbidden thing. ”
Stanislas Guaita Rosa Mystica ”
Duplication or biloration:
The wizard in this case uses potion or ointment to cover the plains in spectral wolf form that is provided by
the devil at the pact, even for invisibility.
Stanislas de Guaita in the “Temple of Satan” we said:
“In both cases (vampirism and lycanthropy) spectrum short assassin in the country in various forms of animals,
and in both cases it is attacking those he meets: the essential difference is precisely this that werewolf, while
his astral form wanders outside, is a living wizard who sleeps in his bed., and the vampire, on the contrary is a
dead sorcerer floundering in his grave ” Taking drugs may result in illusion of changing into a werewolf, the
analog to that makes us go most Sabbath. As: “A woman accused of being a werewolf, was considered for
this reason, the judge offered him against-part of his release, to furnish evidence of its mutations. The young
woman smeared body an ointment and immediately fell asleep. She woke up after three hours. She told that
she had changed into a wolf traveled the countryside, had ripped a sheep near a village named it … ” What
about this woman and told her transformation? Just that it was within the scope of this particular ointment if
everything would be easier if … “… we are immediately sent someone once confirmed income the words of
the woman! ”
How to get rid of a werewolf:
Huge problem with here. How to kill a werewolf?
Knowing that with the advice the sorcerer is or is not physically wolf, how different. Some give the
lycanthrope invulnerable connotation:
“First of all it is almost invulnerable, his skin is bulletproof, unless the bullets were blessed night in a chapel
dedicated to St. Hubert De. more must be wearable a four-leaf clover.
Dying the wizard takes human form. ”
Buggy tells us they did not touch either the head, the right side of their victims, because the head is the chrism
and the sign of the cross is made of the right hand. hunting werewolf gave rise to huge battered which whole
villages were involved. Under the control of lords flocking with “spears, halberds, pikes, muskets, sticks to
hunt and pursue said werewolf in all places where they could find it and take the link and slay without
incurring penalty power or fine. ”
9/20/13 Garou 6/6
The accused of lycanthropy finished their life burned alive in a public place like all other wizards.
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  1. намеренное двiжение сiга-шмiга УМА в хаос без-УМЫ-я i за-быть-я ЯВЬ-ЛЯЕТ-СЯ
    от-(9В)-раженное дiтя в.рак (пс.ОВ ета=в.раг.ОВ) и па.терян.остi (Sела Sета=Sело Sета как Sмеi гремучiе Sе.Лом(ом) S.воiм да на Давiетая Главу Раз.Ума Па.в.Лi.На восточно-западную – зелiно-сiненo-IO)

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