ВРЕДИТЬ что, или кому чем; повреждать, причинять зло, ущерб здоровью, обиду личности, убыток собственности; делать вред; портить; вредить кого, более употребляется с предлогом, ранить, ушибить; бередить, разбереживать. Не вреди и недругу или и недруга. Сахарные яства вредят здоровье или здоровью. Вывередил из него деньги, вымозжил. Балуя извередили все деревья. Не много навредили. Червь надвредил хлеб. У него рука повреждена. Он повредился в уме, помешался. Развредить рану, развередить, разбередить. -ся, вредить, повреждать себя; быть вредиму, повреждаему. Вреждение ср. длит. нанесение вреда. Вредительный, вредный, вредоносный или вредотворный, вредящий, наносящий вред, могущий чему вредить. Вредительность, вредность, вредоносность, вредотворность, сила, свойство, качество, мочь вредного, сила делать, чинить вред. Вредовать, делать зло, вредить где постоянно и умышленно. Покуда она будет вредовать в доме, ладов и не жди. Вред м. вреда, вереда ж. влад. последствия всякого повреждения, порчи, убытка, вещественного или нравственного, всякое нарушение прав личности или собственности, законное и незаконное. См. также вередить. Ешь сытно, вреды не будет. Откуда вред, туда и нелюбовь. | Вереда об. человек беспокойный причинный ссорам, смутам, несогласиям; баламут. Вредчик, вредун, вередун м. вредуха, вередуха ж. вередник м. вередница ж. вредитель м. -ница ж. вредный, вредоносный человек. Вредословие ср. вредная, безнравственная беседа, речи или злословие, злоречие, клевета; вредословить, буе(суе)словить, или злословить, клеветать. Вредослов, вредословец м. буеслов, суеслов; клеветник, лгун. Вредословный, буесловный; злословный. Вредоумный, худоумный, суеумный; кичливый или глупый.

(словарь Даля)




international team had built a quantum clock that is very much the same mechanical “universe” that destroys Human Living Father Mother and all of the Children


here is something known as “Dick Effect” also used to destroy Living Ones and to place their destroyed energy eggs (cocoons of 7 bodies of Living Human) into the system of mechanical universe, where Living Human Hearts of gods, planetary children, star children are connected by metal strings net “worm-holes” to programmed heads of Sanata Kumara, Buddha Maitreya as well as others i have not seen…


“Dick Effect”

this affects the bodies of all who are destroyed by technology of so called “pandora experiment”
i truly hope that those who opened Pandora Box of Life & Death WILL cry acid tears of Xristos Blood that they collect for their “bread & blood” needs… btw: Living Xristos Heart’s consciousness (with so many Souls of Living Ones IN IT) is capable of dissolving harmful holograms & weapons, however it is not capable of identifying and dissolving heads of humans programmed to harm who are of the same blood-type (someone just revealed that my own head was USED being disguised as a head of the ancient enemy of Human Family – the original hybrid between Alpha Draconian & Human Woman from Orion – her controlling my head from the ship of Orion (in the air above Big Bear Lake – huge Mother Ship that is flying in circles making artificially created “black hole” move our tortured bodies as well as the system of quantum clocks incorporated into ancient games of the Gods as well as educational children’s games of the ancients, etc.)

We present an analysis of the frequency stability degradation of an optical atomic frequency standard which is operated sequentially, and that is caused by the frequency noise of the laser used to interrogate the clock transition. This is an extension to optical frequencies of the ‘Dick effect’ already studied in atomic microwave frequency standards. It is shown that the simple concept of laser linewidth is not the relevant parameter to estimate the frequency stability degradation. Rather, the details of the laser frequency noise spectral density must be accounted for together with the parameters of the interrogation method. We compute the optical Dick effect in the case of a four pulse Ramsey–Bordé interferometer. We show that it may be minimized by optimizing the time sequence so that only the Fourier frequencies with minimum laser noise are sampled. Finally, we evaluate the degradation which would be obtained with one of our lasers used as an interrogation oscillator. This laser reaches a white noise floor Sν(f) = 10−2 Hz2/Hz at a Fourier frequency of 100 Hz. We show that with this particular laser, a relative frequency stability of the order of 10−16 in a 1 s averaging time can be reached using realistic experimental parameters.

42.60.Lh Efficiency, stability, gain, and other operational parameters42.30.Kq Fourier optics07.60.Ly Interferometers37.10.De Atom cooling methods
Atomic and molecular physicsInstrumentation and measurementOptics, quantum optics and lasers
Issue 2 (April 2003)Received 28 November 2002, in final form 4 February 2003Published 2 April 2003

ПРЕ-СОН СОЮЗНАНИЕ = PRE-SON CONSCIOUSNESS (recorded statement of  Karmik Prison consciousness that keeps HIS OWN FAMILY locked up due to being controlled to full koma by those who tortured him & run his mind by “investigation” technique that either allows or disallows prisoners to be freed – when his mind finds the truth a special adjustor is coming into activity to put his mind back into interrogative mode… i wish my brother AWAKE again for true criminals to be “disallowed” from harming our family by the manipulated mind of MY BROTHER, who is so well respected by all who know him – him being responsible for saving & keep-sake to recover in Living Bodies all Original Spirit Molecules of Living Human God Family – him being as pure as to be able to enter “holographic” mirror of MahaAvatar Babaji’s Essence preserved to be added to his body when it is possible for his long hunted and imprisoned Child to rebuild it)


Doci image-183508-full


Carter is possessed by a Goa’uld who claims to be an enemy of the System Lords.

Carter destroyed by Replicators

File:Wraith Queen Keeper (Stargate).jpg

(she recognized herself by me looking onto this picture – i looked up who she is – The Wraith “Queen Keeper” hovering over a corpse)


Original Boy from Orion ( if not Orion Himself) possessed by Goa’uld

i saw only Light Body and Subtle White body of Orion who loves me – i also saw tortured to darkness Soul of a Man who looks like light body of Orion & this boy from the movie – there is also a twin-sister of Orion, who looks same as Him – wherever Her tortured Soul appears, all know that She brings destruction (so was said to me by God who is known as most ancient Eagle of all) – i wonder is all of tortured Souls and imprisoned by mechanical universe BODIES of HUMAN Gods are ever to be free to make peace between each other despite all of us being possessed to greater or lesser degree…



One thought on “Вред

  1. to harm… original sin is the desire to harm – here are ancient meanings of harm as known to Human ancestors collected by traveling word-lover Dal… photo is of a quantum clock designed by international team – it is very much resembling the system that destroys our living bodies right now in Big Bear Lake area (including Cedar lake & famous Crystal near Pioneer Town near Lake edwards) connected to Malibu, Point Dume, Los Angeles Area, Ventura County, Inner Earth Clock system as well as Matrix consciousness of destroyed Red Earth… and many other locations aROUND THE GLOBE (including space ships, Soul Planes, all artificially created dimentions & time zones as well as many holographic “gamesters” and prison that holds members of Xristos family captive many millenia being falsely accused in destroying God Father and One Soul)
    we are trying collectively to stop intruding mind (minds) to rotate this artificially created mechanical universe of german “Gestalt” make, but intruding mind being of Orion origin is very powerful and experienced by million of years in its possessing our minds + mind of identifying and excluding original sin that operates against all known and unknown forms of desire to harm encoded in the mind of Orion woman & man that control this artificial system… anyone can help psychically to cancel all harmful minds connected to this system are welcome to help us – main difficulty is that this collective mind of harm & mechanical control is very powerful in dividing our minds & hearts – minds & hearts of collective Family of Living Human FatherMother|.

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