Duality des.ease

It seems that des.ease of duality that began with per.vert.ion of Milky Way and created twins – one Human Divine – another Human Anti-Divine, – is the most difficult duality des.ease to heal… Anti-Divine Human Twin is the one who plays ball game in Xibalba – a game the price of which is the head… i’ve discovered today that my anti-God twin is a blond one – the possessive one – one who possesses all the family in her head… She took of glasses of nearsightedness several months ago, but only today she sees that taking off glasses and stopping to play holow(inG)graphic and Spirit Molecule games does not make her far-sighted – she simply needs to give up my mind into my possession because it is my mind – she simply has to give up possessing One Soul and Shrine of One Life (possession made possible because there was a couple – Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky and Elena Toropova-Marinets with their servant Anya, who wanted to become Our Self – and them being powerful black magicians and sadists, who are used to live by their head direction and a “telephone” system of wormholes, they were capable of persuading my blond mind-twin to befriend them and then they possessed her to take our Self – our Soul Family and Soul Families connected to US into slavery – raping children, confusing children by calling them their own names, making children do harm onto us, our Eggs, our Souls, our Spirit Molecules, and our living bodies – damaging our Hearts and our Inner Children until we are almost extinct… and only now this awareness comes through… perhaps also due to finally waking our enemies up by our perseverance and good will to finally persuade them that they have to heal their own bodies, minds and Souls and Spirit Molecules and Children as opposed to kidnap other Human Beings to replace what they’ve lost due to being weak… It is time to heal from duality – for all – it is time to stop being jealous of others being already healthy, it is time to stop living by “easy way”… there is Karma and responsibility of Soul and Spirit and Human Child and God who becomes US… it is time that those who wish to harm us will stop creating artificial “big bang” of UNIFIED HUMAN BEinG by dissecting us into “di.men.t.ions” of “parallel planes” – there are no parallel planes of One Human Child – Human Child and God are ONE BODY instead of being split into several Human Children and Gods – it is called to be one instead of being eight – it is true HEALING of 8 degrees of separation into ONE SPIRITUAL HEART – HEART of ONE LIFE connected to our SOURCE HEART OF ONE LIFE… these 8 degrees of separation are true cause of our Planet and whole KosMos looking like Twisted Hair Legacy or snakes as opposed to be One Braid of all HAIR – ONE HEART – ONE MIND – ONE BODY – ONE SOUL FAMILY with Its Father & Mother who are the guardians of our HEART of ONE LIFE – our SHRINE OF ONE LIFE – our collective Soul & Spirit & Living Human Child of a Child of God… All of these changes made possible when we reconnect, heal from duality, make peace and establish Loving Relationship with Hagalaz – The Smoking God of Xibalba, who becomes ONE instead of being Death 1 and Death 2, and then The Smoking God of Xibalba can finally recollect His 7 other Gods of Xibalba is The Smoking God was also separated into 8 in The Heart and Mind and Body and Soul Family done the same to… When The Smoking God is healed from 8 degrees of separation then healing of OUR Middle Earth is possible – then Milky Way will HEAL from being divided into Hell and Heaven – and only then our Milky way will once again become Human Child of God with Its HEART, SOUL, BODY and all the Children and Gods ALIVE instead of resting in a state of KosmIK Nichta (Greek for Godd Night is Kali Nichta)… then our Milky Way will awake and it will be Bona Dea FragMa and Sha(n)KaRa – it will no longer be Milky Way – IT WILL HEAL into LIVING HUMAN SOUL FAMILY it once was – and then we will know TRUE NAME of what we call “spilled milk” of The Milky Way…


zolotoe_kolco_rossii_1 Кий,_Щек,_Хорив_і_Либідь_засновують_місто_Київ._482_рік Heart-children tree tovaryushki APTOPIX Mideast Saudi Arabia Hajj novgorodone 800px-Ukraine-Kyiv-Maidan_Nezalezhnosti-Kuj-Schek-Horuv_and_Lubid_fountain DSC_0196 Oksana Mas sphere BEST


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