Removing Checker-Board Mutation Seals

ever since “Egyptian” des.ease produced checker-board mutation in Humans (im not sure how deep it is linked to our Heart’s consciousness or DNA or cellular level operated by Heart’s Consciousness). Checker-board mutation is literally black and white confronting version of Creation manifesting as war between real (white) and miasm (black accumulated distortions that act as if living being), where black attacks to kill, to tear apart and to scramble – checker-board mutation is closely related to codons of A (2), B (3), AB (4) blood-types (when astral body of a human with these blood-types is connected to physical body of a person with free from codons O-blood type, O-blood person is infected with checker-board mutation – connection of des.eased astral body is done against free will and is intended to link to Phantom Matrix as fallen beings of Phantom Matrix are seeking to link to a host who is alive and capable of ascension (whether they hope to ascend or to possess the living body to control it for whatever purpose, which by most is thought to be feeding even though i can hardly imagine how Living Being can claim another Living Being as oneself due to having little but many empty spots (black holes) left of ItSelf… Guardians mention that to heal black holes all Presence that has been displaced must be replaced – why claim Living Self of another if restoring ALL of One’s own Living Self is possible?)


Emerald Covenant (via KeyLonTa) gifts mutants with Hi-Veca Codes that are capable to clear checkerboard mutation as well as 7 Jehovian “death” seals from The Body of Our Self made into the likeness of a “puppet” by these mutations…

here is an example of a “puppet” doll of Maitreya, whose personal name is Viatcheslav Petrov Gladky:


Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky have dedicated his life to the teachings of “Maitreya”, which in his interpretation be.came acceptance and celebration of black-and-white perversion propagating checkerboard mutation to women and celebrating the likeness of his DaNit Doll instead of seeking the ways to liberate from per.version of unnatural duality that literally harms multidimensional anatomy (including our light-sound, etheric and physical bodies) by destruction and scrambling and creation of black holes (empty places) by forcing Living Presence out of body

please see “Heavenly Garden – Birch Paradise” pictures @ as an example of false teachings and false teachers to avoid

it is beneficial for all the women in Moscow so des.eased by “mutant teachings” of Viatcheslav Petrov-Gladky to use special techniques gifted by The Guardians of Emerald Covenant to HEAL and be themselves again…

Healing of checkerboard mutation and 7 Jehovian seals involves, first and foremost, PURE LIVING – most important is to live according to God’s Law “Thou must not kill” so that God can HELP you HEAL! (look at what you call food and see whether or not you kill or cause to kill in order to eat – look honestly at the carrots, onions, garlic, potatoes you kill as you cut and cook them, look at the corpses of other killed plants and animals, birds and fish you may still use as food thus causing them to be killed to feed you). Until the murderer or someone who causes to murder still participate in murder no true healing is possible. PURE LIVING involves Spiritual Mastery and impeccability in many other aspects of LIFE and MIND as well (see example here ) When we do all we can to LIVE PURELY, we can ask for THE PURITY of Maharata (sometimes known as “blood of Christ”) to approach and enclose and bathe and permeet us to wash us Pure of all distortions – before any other technique, we practice Maharic Seal technique to establish sacred LIVING Ma’A HARA Ta’A Temple-Pillar within which all sacred work of healing is performed (yourSelf will guide you customizing Maharic Seal technique to yourSelf); then we do The Emerald and Amethyst Awakening  (done at least once in a life-time) prior to beginning working with EcKaSha Hierophant and Hi-Veca codes; only then we begin to do EcKaSha Quick Seal technique that is needed to work with Hi-Veca codes done within our sacred Ma’A HARA Ta’A Pillar-Temple (i wish we knew the technique to also heal Metatronic per.version (artificial existance that spirals to exist upon distorted Kathara, from which 8th and 12th centers have been removed – Metatronic being or BeaST programming connected to healthy 12-Kathara being destorts healthy anatomy of sound-light-scalar waves form and creates damaging whirling that causes tauruses, rips to disconnect within and throughout and causes Presence to flee that creates empty spots known as “black holes”))

Following are the techniques aforementioned, The EcKaSha and High Veca Codes

(please refrain from copy-paste of the techniques and codes on any public pages and websites – we share these techniques on our PERSONAL page for private trial by those IN NEED – those who know of the existing des.ease and seek to heal hoping that use of these techniques can clear most damaging to Earth, Humanity and ALL CREATION artificial creations – 7 Jehovian Seals and checkerboard mutation (from our own experience: checkerboard mutation will attempt AND counter-act violently any and all actions of The Self attempting to heal – it will attack to kill for it is designed to produce the opposite action! Yet practicing the following techniques even few times before interrupted by checkerboard mutation was beneficial for OurSelf (who began to BREATHE again!) AND it was OurSelf that expressed a WISH to HEAL using Hi Veca Codes and so we believe that OurSelf knows better than our mind that is now witnessing the resistance that prevents us from continuing to practice – we believe that techniques done even few times is better than none (even though Ashayana Deane places on all the materials translated through her a precautionary legal statement that the techniques are not intended to cure any des.ease or replace medical treatment, in Voyagers II it is stated that Maharic Seal and Eckasha Seal-Hi Veca codes are the only techniques capable of healing checkerboard mutation and 7 Jehovian seals – to those who have experienced/are experiencing horrors produced by checkerboard mutation and 7 Jehovian seals it will be clear why we are sharing these techniques here for private use of those in need requesting reverent approach and gratitude to God, Guardians and Emerald Covenant for making these techniques known – my Soul remembering how to BREATHE and EcKaSha FLAME body activating within us with use of EcKaSha Quick Seal technique is proof enough that GOOD comes from exercise! The following techniques are said to be beneficial to heal Bio-Spiritually from the foundation (The SEED be.coming Consciousness-Power relationship to Itself as Kathara Level-1: 12-Tree) to following in be.coming intervowen anatomy of compartmentalized in forms of sound-light-scalar waves consciousness-power be.holding Presence-Awe.Are.ness in dimensionalized appearance of manifestation to experience Life)

Maharic Seal-Liquid light cleanse-Psonn of Lyra

Emerald-Amethist awakening and High Veca codes with Christos Trion-Meajhe Field to clear Jehovian Seals

Eckasha Quick seal

(to acquire the techniques and Immanuyana Codes please contact Arhayas Productions)


“The High Veca Codes, also called the “I AM” or “Immanuyana Sequence” are very specific Symbol Codes, each possessing corresponding Sound Tones called Arieas. These correspond to the Cosmic, Galactic, Planetary & Personal Trion-Meajhe Field Radial Body levels.

Together with their corresponding ManU Codes, these are known as the “Sacred Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven”.  These Codes are those by which we genuinely open our fields to the Primal Life Force Currents called Source/God (or Yunasai).

The process of Personal Induction, and subsequent embedding, is a profound process of healing and multi-dimensional consciousnessidentity expansion.  The process invokes essential Merkaba correction, and directly assists in meaningful activation the higher level Merkaba’s.

The ‘Bi’ and ‘Tri’ Veca Codes (Universal Codes of Immanuel) facilitate the opportunity to open ones personal fields to the first levels of PLC’s – Primal Life Currents – (Kee-ra-shA – Primal Light Fields), and the Khu, Dha and Rha Vecas (Cosmic Codes of Immanuyana) extend this process into the Primal Sound Fields (Khu-Dha-RAE). Coupled with the EckashaManU, and related Codes, these “Keys” are Universal Navigational Tools enabling the serious and diligent student to insure that personal ascension efforts will be massively enhanced, focused and aligned with Divine Right Order.

Corresponding Workshop and Code Release schedule:

Bi & Tri Veca– Sarasota 09/ 01
Khu Veca – Allentown – 10/ 01
Dha & Rha Veca – Sarasota 11/ 01
Eckasha – Peru 01/ 02  – Yunasai – The Universal God-Seed Code
Iahaia ManU Code – Sarasota 03/ 02

(please see EcKaSha and Hi Veca codes images above – Iahaia ManU code is not given here and we do not know the technique associated with it)

Further Codes will be added during classes throughout 2003/ 4.

Code Properties: 

The Bi-veca Code is from Density-4, Dimensions 10-11-12.
  CALLED:  Mu A’ va.
TONE:  Ma ha ra’ta Mu A’ va.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Right Foot Bottom.

The Tri-veca Code is from Density-5, Dimensions 13-14-15

  CALLED: Ha’ Sha.
TONE:  Kee’ Ra ShA Ha Sha.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Left Foot Bottom.
The Khu-veca Code is from Primal Sound-Triadic level of the Energy Matrix.
  CALLED:  Shar dA’z a.
TONE:  Khu Shar DA’z a.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Chakra-8 (Front clavicle)

The Dha-veca Code is from Primal Sound-Polaric level of the Energy Matrix.

  CALLED:  DrU A’ jha.
TONE:  Dha DrU A’ jha.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Chakra-2 (just below navel).

The Rha-veca Code is from Primal Sound-Eckatic level of the Energy Matrix.

  CALLED:  Ec ka.
TONE:  Rha Ec’ ka
SYMBOL PLACEMENT:  Over tailbone

The Eckasha or Yunasai Universal God-seed Code carries the Photosonic mathematical programs of the Primal Sound Fields AND bridging God-seed vibration rhythms connecting to Source.

  CALLED:  Eckasha
TONE:  Um ah A’ ThrA’ E’ na A.
SYMBOL PLACEMENT Pineal induction via Chakra-6 “3rd Eye”.

( – Products Index)

Each Dimensional Field, and the Primal Light and Sound Field have a set of Veca Code programs, that when activated in a Planet or Being allow the correspondingLife Force Current, in its original organic “Eternal Divine Blueprint” or “Divine Right Order” form, to progressively embody.

The High Veca Codes of D-12 Divine Blueprint and Primal Light/Sound Trion-meajhe Fields above have the power to restore all Veca codes and Scalar Template below them to their original Divine Blueprint or “Divine Right Order.”

(Voyagers II – Page 517)



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