Pain body of abuse

by my Beloved Friend Aishwarya Luna Love:

Brain Research Institute

Universal and Cosmic Laws say that no harm should ever come to children and women… Cosmic Law says that it is forbidden to murder or extract Human Soul while Soul is in Human body… here – Earth – these laws are completely disregarded… whoever murders children and women – whoever murders Souls while they are in physical bodies – whoever disconnects our bodies from physical body and connects left-overs to consciousness fields… do so in complete violation of God’s Law… i don’t know how those who violate God’s Law are so welcomed here to do whatever they want… feeding on people… feeding on consciousness… switching Souls – possessing mind of others – raping by telepathic means both, children and women… i will always remember little children’s cries when their Hearts were broken open by scalar waves and blasts of hired voice-overs projecting through Hearts and Souls encased into metal torture chambers… murdering children… women… Ascended Masters from Venus… Xristos Army members… other Divine Humans of Galactic consciousness including ShiBa and ShanKaRa who are Divine Heart of our long perverted into heartless black-hole.ness Milky Way…


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