Gods and Humans












There is a mystery of The HEAD observed throughout Human History… Zu Warriors is a good film to educate on why Egyptian Gods have animal heads as opposed to human ones… Human Ancestors as preserved in Slavik culture are more ancient than Egyptian Gods…




mokosh-makosh jarylo Golden-Bull god_svarog gal_rodsam Etruscanart (1) etruscanart egyptiangods egyptian-gods-and-goddess-2db2fa etruscan_mythology_by_brainleakage etruscan_sculpture dazbog-sun-god DSC_0196 Oksana Mas sphere BEST dyn009_original_475_356_pjpeg_2636935_dfc1b62256e30e2f8b2c97918e9b363e chislobog belobog 2780292_large Earth 11_Trzy_Zorze 5bc0d7b037565ac0f43bffd0471b3783 05_SwarogKowal OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 00-18-alfons-maria-mucha-the-oath-of-the-omladina-youth-movement-under-the-slavonic-linden-in-1894-the-slavonic-rennaisance-from-the-slavonic-epic-nr-18-1926 0 (2) UFOsinBible three_fold_mantra_image shangraShambGods and Humans


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