Fallen Cosmic Heart

Lord Vishnu on Cosmic Snake is a state of fallen Cosmic Lotus Heart, where Lakshmi – The Heart of The Lotus is at the feet of the fallen God… Cosmic Night…

This is the age of Kali – the age of sucked out to near skeleton-like blackened state of Divine Mother seeking to annihilate all des.eases that caused The Son to fall into such terrible state of Self-forgetfulness…

terrible state of Divine Mother being laid on as if She is a cushion… making Her Consciousness a Medusa – Kali-the-Terrible – in all 10 cosmic aspects of The Mother…


the age of fear – fearing God – fearing all those who love God – God is the unknown – God is Love – God is a CHILD upon The Lotus IN THE HEART held by The MOther…



A joke about Kali wanting to be white as opposed to be happy to be “herself” being black is a perversity of those who are the cause of the des.ease (known to most as de.amons)… Cosmic Mother Kali is White and Gold and Red and Blue and Green and All THE COLOURS OF THE RAINBOW HEART – She is Lakshmi of Her own Treasures…


Gayatri white


MaHa Gaia 3 upon The Swan


The Goddess who grants all your wishes – this is the meaning of the term “sree”.
The one who is exquisitely beautiful – she is Goddess Mahalakshmi.
Goddess Mahalakshmi is therefore truly the Goddess of wealth.
Lord Balaji is also called Srinivas –  Sri (Lakshmi), Nivas(Residence).
As Goddess Laxmi resides in THE HEART of Lord BalaJi, he is also called as Srinivas.
Sree Nivas reside within each other – The Heart of Heart…


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