Once upon a time and happily ever after

This once upon a time is never ending
Forever lasting its been sitting right in front of me
Our story is a decade long broken road
In the beginning we were thoughtless
But we burned our pathway into our hearts
Happily ever after is still far off
Still shadowed by the invisible villains of life
We have survived the worse things and
Time and space have yet to pull us apart
The string that attaches us is knotted but not frayed
Time and space have played their cruel jokes
Now its time to see the story in between
We began long ago but got lost in dreams
Once upon a time need not start over
But begin again at happily ever after

picture is from *Laufoo on deviantart

  the poem is mine.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

black and blue

you’ve held my heart in your grasp for so long
for so much of that time we spent it in denial
now the words are in the open and we are lost
I’m open to your games, cept for when they are empty

black and blue thats how you always leave me
not in a physical sense but my heart is hurting
pulsing and bleeding as old scars are reopened
why can’t you see the unshed tears I have

letting me go was hard the first time I know
because it took us years to say what we thought was goodbye
and now there is this tiny flame that is overwhelming
terrifying and exhilarating as we figure it all out

black and blue is how my whole being feels
knowing your head rules your whole being
leaves my heart trampled and ready to explode
waiting for the right moment like a bomb ticking away

when the timer goes off our fates will be decided
leaving a limbo of unanswered questions and thoughts
scaring our hearts no matter the outcome
leaving us both black and blue and confused

Sunday, July 29, 2012

in the light

when the sun is shining my heart beats
my mouth smiles and my eyes see roses

come dusk as the sun slips to the sea
my heart slows my eyes are blinded

as the rays sparkle and glitter my being is whole
once they are dimmed i shatter amongst the moonlight

I play the part of happy so well they never know
beyond my smile the layers are only darkness

Not able to break free of the patterns
barreling through life singlemindedly

when the sun is shining you think my heart is beating
but is shattered with the night and cannot beat

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