PraktiKal SansKrit In.tro.Duk2Ri(a)

Baahia prayatna = outer effort : the methODD(in) external to the mouths, i.e. throat, of ARTiKULAtinG sounds (13, 73)

BinDu = . = DO T = the ANU SWARA MArK above VOWel (63)

Bhaa saa = speech : verBAl voice : sea A@mane~ : PaRa s Ma i~ : U BHA YA TO.bhaa saa


the perception of truth is not for all minds

these are the qualities which force its exclusion:

de.sire (ka.strata@ion)

greed (GA


Pride (pa3archial ride that is)

JO Y in sins@ion

LowE of the PAst…

fear 4 the FU 2 RE

ang(l)ER @ the pre.sent

the in.ABiliTY 2 sea clearlY

these are the qualities which bring IT nearER :


JO Y in chanGE


Kreat IV E ~~~(&*&)~~~AKT ion

in DIVI du ALL gROwth

acceptANTse  of  NEW  iDEAS

the ABiliTY to under.stand PAtens i ALL 🙂

these are the qualities when truth is HEAR :

aks ept ANTs of ALL forM as HAvIN G    EquALL reALIty

clear VIsION over LONG dist.tanzes

LOVE of ALL   THinGs & non THinGs

JOI in what IS

with my sword i strike down those who pres UM (e) to travEL 2 places 4bidden 2 them

i deCIDE the worTHinness of an aDEPT

the talent of a MAsTERR(a)

the distANTs both MAY t(a)raWELL

my book reCORDS the KARMA(n) of each whose deEDs DEter(ra)mine the world which they SHAll in.HABIT

i guard the DOor 2 TR(o)U(gh)TH   UNendIN G

nei TH ER  MERcY NOr POwER  shall move ME(o) frOM mY DEseeZions

i WE(a)ER the robe(r)s of JUDge & JUri

aKROSS the ABiss(a) i HOld my golden LAddER 2 aid the worthy

while the unworthy who TRI 2 Xross

find only shiftINg SAnaDaS withIN their G(a)RAsP(a)

im blue & gold & AL so whiTE

i bend neither to the right nor to the left

if you wish to ascend 2 truth then you MUst(ard seed) these :

lOOk dEEp withIN your HEARt

fEEl the MANy chaINs which bind you HOld you like an anchor to the planes of ILLusION

not one link WILL i ALLoW 2 pass the SACRed GATE s

imPART i all under.stand in G great in WIsDOM of MANI wordlds

only these DO   i   allOW  2 pass that they may have WIsDOM to traDE 4 T RUTH

no dramas no mantras no strivINg will i let by me

those who are ready shall pass

the rest shall strive dis.sati.s FIED & fight among them.selves let.tin.G  their true NAturE com. 2 the s(o)ur.FACE & w(u)ondER

why WAS i noT choosen?

you who wish TO ascend follow the path to the cave of loneliness in the mountAinS of The Self

and when you have FOund the HID(E)den

re.turn to me & i SHAll b(e)less you

& PO in T you ON yOUR WAY

~(MAN ju SRI)~


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