Kutting The Kat into One


the great indian sage siddharameshwar maharaj a contemporary of sri ramana realized the self using a long slow tedious meditation method called pipilika marg – the way of the ant – after realization however he taught – the bird’s way – vihangam marg… rapid way of understanding… albeit still indian (yet!) DIRECT way of self re ali z @ ion ~sri ranjit maharaj~

? if illusion are you yourself an illusion?

maharaj: oh yes! im the greatest illusion! all that i say with full heart and so frankly is all false! but the false “i” can make you reach that point. the address of the person is not the goal. when you reach the house thanks to the address you’ve been given the address is only true until the moment you enter the house. as soon as you come in the address vanishes. words are nothing else but indications they have no reality themselves. if i remains im also illusion. dont remain as i. that’s the highest understanding of phylosophy. saint turakam said: i have seen my own death and what i have seen there the joy that was revealed that i know. first of all “you”-the-illusion must die…

…words are false – only the meaning they contain is real… the master and the seeker are illusion because they are one… to remove ignorance knowledge is necessary but finally both thorns are thrown away… so ignorance and knowledge are dissolved in the ocean of Reality – ocean of Bliss – ocean of SatChitAnanda – limitless ocean of Aeros of such magnitude… limitless ocean size of an egg… or as some call it – pure drop – bindu – perfection – absolute union of two females – SheBa=SheVa…





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