Freya is Goddess of Love and wealth and glory and LIFE FLOURISHING FREELY…

wealth comes in many forms

it is the companion who is either sharing with Lady in expression of Life through mutual wealth or the wrong companion who simply comes to use or to take away for selfish ends that will either make Lady Life in Paradise or Lady raped and abused producing de.amon children…

Adam was wrong companion to Lilith – even worse companion was Shamael… isn’t it funny that unhappy end is always accompanying God-the-creator-of-his-creatures”?

I’ve experienced happy end always accompanying  HEART of HEART that spilled from abundance of LOVE and thus be.came Its every child singing, dancing, Loving Life free and freely…

it was upon returning HOME to HEART of HEARTS that i re.membered the truth of LIFE as it really is

Life is a joyous return Home through the fields of flowers sawn as seeds before…

those who KNOW they’ve been created must let LIVE those who be.came from FREE HEART…

both can be happy sharing experiences on Planet Earth if the created ones would stop imprisoning Free of Heart into their webs…


One thought on “Companion

  1. today i choose freely to thought-fully dwell on HEART of HEARTS of Pure Love – free from beginning and end – free from creational cycles of destruction and re.creation – just being as if im already IT… im blessed beyond measure to have most awesome FRIENDS… i wish all people would have such awesome friends as i do… ~(-.-)~

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