Magik Kingdoms

some realise only too late that modern religions are targeted at annihilation instead of nurturing

this is pertaining to us risking to loose our Soul’s magikal kingdoms before we even get a chance to take a glimpse – when third eye opens, we can see true life – in the light – and then we come to face the conflict (or hopefully the lack of conflict) between who we are – what we truly desire – HOW MUCH WE DESIRE TO LIVE & DANCE – between LIFE and self-destruction programmed into our minds by worlds religions and so called gurus of God…


One thought on “Magik Kingdoms

  1. read Osho’s “Book of Secrets” – perhaps the only record that does explain how we transfer into the LightLove without being mortified – false example of sacrifice set in motion to justify desease of separation and duality – desease of virtical linear whereas in truth – a disc of life like magik scateboard in “Back to The Future” series takes us higher and higher to explore magikal kingdoms of One LoveOneLifeOneSelf of many OneSelves… cheers!!!

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