Black Widow

As Indian Masculine Archetype Vishnu collects femenine harem around him to remember His Lady (HImself being a wonderer who fell into an illusion of traveling many threads of one rope that is not rope at all – a Ray of Life which is not Ray at all…  so Universal Femenine Archetype of Black Widow Spider(Vulture) kills masculine harem of Her former husbands to re-member Herself FREE from illusion of being “big banged” into many lights of galaxies and stars (thus we see ONE SOLE as if many soles hung in black veil of forgetfulness… black veil is illusion of separation from being One LoveLight ~ One She Bach Sole AMEN

Hence we aspire to transcend the great illusionist – Lady in Black – She tricks us to stay in separation until we manage to transcend all our pain – all illusion of desease – all pain caused by others onto us is used by Black Hatter to keep us in Her grip of forgetfulness until we realise that She is not real – as if black shaal of KalaKali time ticking moments of forgetfulness – illusion of continuity we call ticking clock that separates us from US – there is no time – no space shrouded in “dark matter” – all stars and galaxies are remembering themselves into One Sole we all are – all Cosmos is remembering ITS TRUE SELF out of black mater of illusion of separation called time… it is why we see Galaxies conjoin and people come in celebration of One Life… Let us honor One – we are one and we are ONE – we are one and we are ONE – we are one and we are ONE… Let us listen to wishpering TRUTH of Sole free from illusion of polarity-opposition-duality…

Black Widow is illusion of Her own forgetfulness…

Black Hatter is illusion of His own forgetfulness… Playing chess with his own illusions…

Phantom of the Opera is Illusion of self-inflicted pain called illusion of desease of separation by pain… true that those who themselves forgot One Life as is are mindlessly inflicting pain on others so they too are infected with an illusion of separation – pain is the greatest illusionist of all times – who else can separate us more than pain? this is being used by all those FEW lost entities who forgot who they are and came to believe that gathering in oneness has anything to do with pyramid of power… Royal is Soul who knows to be devoid of palace and the crown – Royal is Soul who refuses the kingdom with many slaves – Royal is Soul who knows before all knowing – who is victorious without being victor – who sees one in all and all as one… Black Shroud ~ Hat ~Dark Glasses – all attributes of desease of forgetfulness… i came to see my Black Widow – may WE finally remember One being One…

May Wisdom of Sole Amen & Shebach (poured through brave Nefertiti and Akhenaton long ago)

finally AT.ONE Egyptian-Annunaki-Illuminati desease of slavery by forgetfulness in ALL Humans NOW!!!

Amen Amen Amen!

as for duality sindrome created as a result of Egyptian-Annunaki experiment, there is a Gift of Ariadne thread to find the way from Labyrinth of Mercury (enemy of Hermes Trismegeris) – please view this link to learn about Mercurial Labyrinth of forgetfulness and how our LIVE pinneal is the pinnacle of Living HerMes.Xrist Presence in-deed)


i am grateful beyond measure for Creator Goddess Gift of Bel Vas Pata Healing Modality of Miracles through Almine to all Humanity – with the aid of Angels and Holy Sigils i see my illusions and by accepting and transcending their thresholds, i free not only my Self and my Soul – all in One… May each of us be of healing service to OUR SELF – and so ONE SELF IS HEALED…

May Blessed be Immortal Soul of Nefertiti! Some seers say Nefertiti was an Irish Princess wedded to Egyptian “weirdo” AkhenAton… Smile for both – unafraid to stand up against illuminati-annunaki machine even in the times when it was all powerful!

Amen Atone Amen(*)nemA enotA nemA

Amen Atone Amen(*)nemA enotA nemA

Amen Atone Amen(*)nemA enotA nemA

SheBach Sole Amen AtOne (*) enOtA nemA eloS chaBehS

art of Penny Slinger

SheBach Sole Amen AtOne (*) enOtA nemA eloS chaBehS

Duality and opposition are illusion of separation… i had experienced being thorn into many little lights – all the pain of living body thorn apart organ by organ – one Living Sole separated into many pearls bathing upon black sea of Cold & ruthless all-see-ing EYE=I of Elohim – i wish my LADY – my BEAUTIFUL SOUL will heal from the illusionist that tricked Her into surrendering to being thorn apart so that Her One Light will believe itself many children… This placement into illusion of separation of One Life is same for all – may we all re-member ourselves – our bodies – our ONE LIGHT of SOLE gathering many little white stars into ONE as IT IS in REALITY – WE ARE ONE LIGHT – Nut is an illusion of forgetting Herself in allowing One Sole to burst into many – May The Creator Goddess HEAL from the desease of forgetfulness in each of us and US ALL – ONE LOVE – ONE LIGHT – ONE SOLE



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