Aeon Flux

Can Zero AEros said to be a twin of Infinite Nihilum?

Trans-Lingual for Zeroi in Chinese:

The word “zero” came via French zéro from Venetian zero, which (together with cipher) came via Italian zefiro from Arabic صفر, ṣafira = “it was empty”, ṣifr = “zero”, “nothing“. This was a translation of the Sanskrit word sunya, meaning “empty”.[4][5]

Nihilum means
nothing; nothingness| which does not exist; something valueless; no respect

If Infinite is Aeros then Nihilum is Safira

Many names of Angels in Bel Vas Pata have sound BACH – 4 running Spring of Love & HOpe & Gratitude & Praise… some say that BACH is also baker of french loafs 4 LIBERA LIBERTUM LIBERTUS… arunning flux of one aeon… AMEN SHE BAch in SOLE AMEN

to rex… with jo vv


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