2 + 2 = 16

16 Rays of Realization of Motionless Luminosity:

1 Realization that knowledge binds us to matrix yet experiential awareness sets us free

2 Realization that since all is eternally new all is unknowable

3 Realization that all knowledge is obsolete & what is obsolete can be “termed” “density”

4 Realization that any reference point is an illusion when all is in a state of flux

5 Realization that our desire to hold onto experience as knowledge forms linear time through creating the procession of moments

6 Realiazation that perpetual rejuvination is the nature of existance and is result of having no reference point

7 Realization that life is a trapped existance on a two-dimentional screen it is formed by belief system and world view

8 Realization that the rotation of disc of life is caused by desire based emotions and moving light

9 Realization that moving light comes from anticipating the future this perpetuates the past

10 Realization that motionless existance is no more real than the disc of life ~ they are opposites & anything that has an opposite is not real

11 Realization that achieving stillness within movement of light comes from trusting acceptance of effortless knowing

12 Realization that movement in motionless luminocity comes from the rapture of aware experience

13 Realization that need to justify comes from distorted emotion of guilt this created the need to understand and the tool of intelligence arose

14 Realization that cosmic law of compensation permits no inequality even though we cannot see it from our perspective this sets us free from guilt and need to justify our existance

15 Realization that by balancing masculine (balancing light) and balancing femenine (balancing frequency) the body becomes a supplier of energy rather than a taker

16 Realization that by balancing the elements of existance we live from the center point of two axes – the place of oneness the inner sanctum

These combined rays of light equal Contented Rapture of Aware Experience

(Holy Sigils for 16 Rays of Motionless Luminosity are found in Bel Vas Pata Angel Healing The Healing Modality of Miracles A Gift from The Creator Goddess through Almine to Humanity)

SheBa Sole Amen




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