SheBa (*) ShiVa (*) She simply IZ (.) Amen

Everlasting Spring of Flowers of Life buddhing upon each of Thine Cosms Stars Life River SHE BA – long hidden from MEM ori of HU Mans may we be Blassed (as in Blessed 🙂 by Thine Return from the walts of forget ful loh ness within black depths of The Lake… waltz in G in to our Life May Sole Amen be seen A Shy’n IN G in Thine S ple n door of Ur Us Va Ti (*) S TaRa

Virgo Mother SuperCluster, Within Whomb Milky Way Resides

our herstarical leavening, today’s enlightening, one story telling —

your immortal beginningless becoming —

woven of thine own song, chorus of all our Mother Sister Brother relations,

and mine!

Mother Galaxy Within Whomb Sun Resides

all clocks, all calendars, all tribes, all ancestors, all our relations, did/do weave this thousand-folded-umbili-code threaded garment of our collective creation song — life of and following the divine water from Mother Sky — interstellar Medium — ocean womb — “O for Oort” — the great seething Amazon of yeasty dna ferment all aborning … where fire and water meet …

Hopi people reminded (H)OUR world @ in CEPT ion of the Millennium: “Look to your Water.”  That heli co ida L river of experience, wrapped filament cord umbilical weav @one as multi-twined braid of fiery star neighbor deities — our great Aunts and Uncles — Sirius, Procyon, Tau Ceti, Altair, Betelgeuse, Alpha Centauri, Eta Cassiopeiae, 82 Eridani, Delta Pavonis — The Pleiades, Great Mother Bear — Sun, Galaxy, Supercluster, MatterVerse — GrandMothers who nurtured us — whale/dolphin/monkey/bear/elephant who led us —

during the whole of a beginning never begun always sung life never lifeless dance never ceasing Earth never not of wilderness heaven no ‘original Big-Bang-Abraham’ six-thousand-year-old-broken-clock — only be lie f  — ill us ion in stal ed into our minds that it is so — let us be free from ill use of ion — let us per petu AL re BO rn in 7 tones of 9 span 8 ne’delya 40 cycles of 300 AM in:*’

My Self Kurage us left Her Starry Dome ComRades & FamE so as to voice Her

Love Praise Gratitude

to Maters – Mater Verse – Supremely Holy Femenine –

4 Ever LIBERA ted from below the foot of korsest ElohHim

let go us in peace old jew!!!

May Flowers aSping from SheBa Sole Amen!!!

May DAi




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