Dis ease is an illusion yet {pa.in} is the language of Spirit prompting change

El DanUbio Azul

did You know that most Modern English words are INVENTED by Will i am Shakespeare?

The rest are BORROWED from other languages

No wonder ME is so pLaY.fuLL

Sole A MiA

The Concepts of Wellness

All dis ease exists within us as dormant programs. They are microcosmic representations of macrocosm

Mis perceptions and distorted attitudes bring them online

A change in these instantly puts them off.line and dormant

 Because they are like a computer program we activate they are our sub creations imposed over reality

There are degrees of realness

Realities individually imposed are regarded as “unreal”

Many feel that to deny the reality of dis ease is to deny their pain

Pain is the language of Spirit prompting change

Those in pain cannot be judged as unenlightened because of mis per cept ions

Many great ones carry the pain of others

The Greatest Masters on EARTH carry cosmic mis per CEPT ions

Through inner e change they evolve cosmic un fold men T

Neither welcome dis ease nor shun it

Heed its guidance until the day when you dwell in a life of no opposites

When duality ends so does growth through op po sit ion

Knowing the unrealness of smthg is the beginning of its heal InG

Belvaspata has been give N to re store the pro per Per Cept Ion (LIghT) & E Mot ions (fre quen cy) removing the illusion of des ease

(page 13, Belvaspata Angel Healing, The Healing Modality of Miracles, Vo.I by Master Almine)

(A special trans.mission out side the teachings:

not relying on written word

direct LI point IN G to The HEARt

SEEinG Its nat ure & be comInG buddInG Flower of Life)



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