Knife Bearer

“the identity of a knife-bearer is not important…” arrogantly remarked one of Ascended Masters… REALLY??? … perhaps identity is really of little to no importance as only the purest of HEART can love so much as to innocently believe all happenning to oneself… and feel each wound as one’s own… and punish oneself for the pain caused by others to others as to oneself… for only purest of Heart is ever One in Onenness even if demanding Unique Individuality – failing to conjoin with one’s own soul only because Ascended Masters had decided to separate The Innocent from one’s Soul until the task of bearing the knife is complete… my father always warned against taking all sins of others upon myself… Juda and Mary Magdalene took all sins of others upon themselves and for that Ascended Master Xrist had chosen them to be the knives of destiny…


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