Center of Milky Way ~ Polaris in Ursa Major ~ M51 & mysteries hidden in SiLenSe


M51 galaxy, known as The Whirlpool Galaxy, is a bright spiral galaxy fairly close to us (7.5 Megaparsecs = 25 million light years). To the north of M51, at the bottom of the picture, is a companion galaxy which is being disrupted by the gravitational tidal forces of the main galaxy.
Date: Image 1: 1997. Images 2 and 3: June 2000. Image 4: April 2001. Image 5: July 2009.

The galaxy Dwingeloo 1. This is a barred spiral galaxy, probably one of the largest and nearest galaxies, but undiscovered until 1994. This is because it is hidden behind the disk of our own galaxy, the Milky Way – as a result more than 99% of its light is absorbed by dust in our galaxy before it reaches us. The galaxy was discovered using a combination of radio observations and INT CCD imaging.

There is more Beauty to what Eye cannot see than we had ever imagined… Love Thy Self is The Most Cherished Secret there is… Avoid taking sins of others upon oneself ~ it is a great mistake Saints and Angels of the old matrix had paid for by falling {in vibration} to allow many low-vibrational frequencies and its hosts-be-inGs to connect to our Beautiful Gaia-Earth and drown it in even lower vibe from depths of which Her Beautiful Lotus of Love all of us are raising upon the palms of our Divine Hands – most precious Pearl upon Pink Lotus of Love this part of Universe had ever witnessed… Love Thine Mother and Hostess Gaia-Earth… Unique is Her Beauty even among Her Brethren… In AWE I kiss Her Heart with my Heart…



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