I AM so many “me”

Ineffable unseen unborn that suddenly is all the shapes of flowing worlds of Light & Love

I AM Light being soaring even if imprisoned within crystal heap of grief & sorrow

What grids can hold a miracle soulution so unseen unborn unable to be glued or held or caught in any geometric shapes? like sparrow through all floating dreams i pass without ever passing… totally devoid of passion i am fiercest passion – being still i rage with life – devoid of love i love – devoid of pain i ache – devoid of me I AM… what do i care of judgments? i am free to be or not to be regardless of what others do or say – regardless of the quality of touch received… in pain i cry and shrink from be – in joy my heart flies free inspired to create and bloom – what do i care for schools? we are already dancing free the best we ever could…



Your friendly neighborhood sparrow




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