perpetual rebel without a cause

i have no respect for adult limitations
i m perpetual new born
i touch i love and satiate expressions
i expand in boundless vibrations
i m empty awe
skull of perpetum mobile
skeleton of primal core
sharing music…

lament of ode
creation-son be-comes unfolds dissolves
just once i celebrate and mourn each ode
no branches and no tree…
i m perpetual new born
i m atomic chain reaction
i m uranos that returned to gaya as ion
i m aware of kronos and no longer killed by him
i m perpetual rejuvenation
i m quantum leap without swallowing aeons
i let them thrive an instant and dissolve
perpetual rebel without cause
i m perpetual new born
i m full revolution of an empty point
i m you

i touch each one vibration once
i touch – explore – adore – and – drop
i m new born who cannot hold
i challenge – jump over your head!

i m full revolution of an empty point
i m you

pearl in a flower
one vibe of countless expressions
quantum leap
pure love
i m


there is no death
pure love alone
pure love i m
say i m you

(this came through as i was walking this morning inspired by touch of Arlene’s inspiration…
it is healthy to start new day with inspiration… and as i walk through the day something always comes through… 🙂


we inspire each other by instant appreciation
aeyonik tantra=aeon (ion) + yoni + formula of love 🙂
the age of forgetfulness robbed spirit child of creative expression by artificially shifting appreciation to "food and lodging" safe-deposit-box, created a desease of self gratification… there is no ego, but a crying loud spirit child: love me! see me! love me! look what i can! love what i give! it’s time earth be healthy ionic expressions again 🙂

i dare you express and never hold!
i challenge – JUMP OVER YOUR HEAD!
perpetual rebel without a cause…
what do you FEEL?) 


it is accomplished 
Someone just now pointed my attention to upcoming Jupiter return to Uranus and lightning of realization flashed my mind: this poem has everything to do with upcoming material event: Jupiter is Zeus that returns to Uranus in a way prodigal son returns to its root: …i m Uranos that returned to Gaya as Ion… i m full revolution of an empty point… and perpetual rebel without cause…:))) Leap! Leap! Leap! Many happy ionic returns to all

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