Eastern Promises… Slavic Deeds… AEYONIK Tantra…

I stand in famous Maitreya Hall at Thikse Gompa… I drink it in… slowly… as a wine-taster…
The Hall is all adorned with silky panels of mystic flowers…
Statue of Maitreya is bathing in silky flowers of various shapes and kinds… even attending monk doesn’t know ALL of their names… “Mentok”, he says, “means flower. There are sooo many different mentok…”
I smile… contemplate many mysterious shapes of Eastern mentok… Eastern… Rising Sun… Isn’t it curious that Eastern traditions picked up and carried on detailed description of Initiator of Upcoming Age? Maitreya is one of the attendants of The Rising Sun (East – Buddha Aksobya called by Tibetan Tantrikas Guhyasamaja)… suddenly realize: “AEYonik Flower TanTra IS advanced spiritual ART… NOW Dance of Immovable Race…  Like DNA Dance in The Rainbow Frequencies of Light… Creative State of Super-Conscience where DNA acts as ‘…compact carrier of extensive divine information…’ …Fresh water can only be poured into empty cup… However, we must be aware that new milk is unlikely to be welcomed by a jar that’s used to its own Amrita… It is dangerous to attempt and change one’s nature to accommodate something that looks tempting, yet is not our cup to taste… Those who attempt to change another, must be aware that freedom-loving sparrow can never be changed into… sword-bearing Tara… Process of purification is a delicate individual process indeed – most dangerous of all to purify another for in so doing those who attempt to purify another place upon their being grave responsibility: Delicate state of Divine Love must be preserved in The Soul no matter what the cost… sometimes it is best to avoid purification for what’s passed is past anyway – why dig it out? why assume that it is best for all to start from scratch? some have been erased so many times that another erasure may not be lived through and then those “masters” will be responsible for untimely de-muse ~ ability to fly on wings of inspiration, joy and freedom… To attempt turning a sparrow into a buddha or tara is a perverse alchemy indeed…
Glory to the wisdom of Padma Sambhava who perfectly taught: there is no need to change or purify – we are already perfect – as is – simply are – ineffable clarity of pure absolute consciousness – simply to remember that we already are… or simply be reminded – without “schooling” by horrible lessons like those in “Harry Potter” or other “Dragon-Lion-Wizard” chronicles…
Pure Dance of Flowers… Light as the swift flight of sparrows that bridge Heavens with Highest mountain peaks… And those who stand upon the mountain top… Or even better – sit on the precipice with legs hanging into abyss as sparrows swift through pure sky making music as they pass so close to our cheek that one can feel the air becoming powerful whirlwind inviting off the edge and into sparrows flight…

P.S. Couple of days ago LIVE examples began to pour just as beautiful flowers on the picture…
Here is the latest, one that I cannot keep only to myself – it must be shared with ALL, which I did, as well as wrote about it to the authors. Here is slightly edited version of the letter: 
‘…Good Day Ekaterina and Nicholas!

Your creative act of turning Masonic Lodge into Temple of The Art brought much JOY as it “reflected in mater” Spiritual Mystery I beheld some time ago: Vision of grey Jewish highrise being all abandoned except of top floor, where Divine Mother was getting ready to move out – into colorful Slavic Temple, that stood pass empty multistory parking structure, on the far side of spacious plaza and next to virtically rising mountain of Shambala. As my dream self was leaving grey jewish highrise, Adam and Eve joined me with their children (!) to go to Slavic Temple as well…

I rushed to share your website and my joy with friends. Then, I thought that commentary I sent along with your website link may be of curiosity to you too:

‘…Good Day, beloved friends!

 This morning my brother sent me website link of the artists, who bought former Mason Lodge, repainted its walls and gave it a new name: Temple of Arts


 By this Spiritual Act, Slavic artists rejuvenated THAT, which was long lost by those, who still call themselves “masons”… Thus, founded by Jews “mason” have recovered spiritual “stuffing” and had been transformed by the hands of Slavs into The Temple of Arts…’

Someone predicted that Messiah (Maitreya) will come from Slavic country…

I believe that Buddha Maitreya is a NEW STATE OF CREATIVE CONSCIOUSNESS that is truly POURING through many SLAVIC Artists and visionaries nowadays… Two years ago I had a vision of Maitreya coming to teach Slavic Maidens the art of painting on canvas of akasha… Slavic does not conform to boundaries imposed on Earth by governmental borders. Slavic stands for spiritual return of Human Conscience from “thought-full saving bank account” of Judaism to ever flowing IDEAL state of grace in Paradise by slava (slava means praise and Slavic means one, who offers praise in various ways… :)))


 ()()Let Love of THE LIVING LIGHT be with you ()()


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