Why Urgency?



  1. "Quantum leap" of consciousness began when Jupiter entered Aquarius and will take its full effect in 2010 as Jupiter enters Aries at Zero Degrees (The World Point). According to Indian priests’ calculations, Jupiter in Aquarius enters Aries in April 2010. Alignment of Jupiter either in Aries or Libra occurs once every 42 years (last one – in 1968.) When it occurs, there is a great scientific breakthrough that impacts the world, facilitating an even greater shift in consciousness. The lesson for the individual is to quickly leave habitual hibernation in the material, in your fears, and connect with groups and organizations that help expand your consciousness, stimulate your awareness and stretch the mind to a higher level. Jupiter in Aquarius rules networking activities between groups rather than activities of the individual and TANTRA, as SPIRITUAL ART of communion, commences as The New Way of Human Relationship in April 2010.


Collective – not individual

AEYONIK TANTRA — not Kama Sutra

Creative AEROS – not individual de-sires


2. What most people understand and practice as TANTRA is either mere Kama Sutra or yoga of improving relationship between woman and man: both are beginners’ stages that shake old skin of desires before an individual can even attempt to utter holy word TANTRA. If you make an effort to investigate various degrees of TANTRA, you will see that most advanced are Dzogchen Tantras with the highest of them all – The Mother TANTRA. Now, take a deep breath… relax… and KNOW:

Great Mother Tantra is a preparatory step for AEYONIK TanTra of 6-th and 7-th Race.


What does it mean? There is NO TIME LEFT to be wasted to wallow in obsolete ways of Kama Sutra. Either one chooses to begin ascend up to the precipice to Mother TANTRA or perish… Know: ascension in Spirit is not like buying a garment in department store – one must undress to naked anarchy of Truth beyond all imaginings. Urgency to introduce The Art of TANTRA is a necessity as IT serves as both, RAPID vehicle of ascension for remnants of 5-th and all earlier Races now present on Earth and The Vehicle of operation of Indigo Race in New Age of Collective Ritual Ceremony.


3. Those, who will insist on old ways, will swiftly expire (from disease) due to internal conflict with new energy scheme. What it means? Planet Earth soon to be “flooded” by high frequency Cosmic Ray and only those, who “match” its ascended frequency, will remain… Chernobyl did NOT affect all, yet a lot of people died… Same can be observed by example of parasite-exterminating generator introduced by Dr. Hulda Clark: if you examine her results, you’ll see that same as life-range of most viruses is a measurement for large city frequency – about 125 Hz (most live in it now!) It is WHY for city dwellers to remain spiritually uplifted is more challenging; it is why large city dwellers were suspect to higher rate of diseases even in times when level of Cosmic Radiation was lower. Awaited Cosmic Ray intensity demands a minimal ascend to Sacred Heart. Based on Gregorian Chants, frequency of Heart Chakra measures 528Hz. Can your being match it? Sahasrara Chakra emits frequency of 963 Hz. Can your being match it?


Presently, certain cosmic force had created protective shield that holds back most of New Ray Intensity until the year of 2020. This shield was created as an act of compassion: to give last chance to spiritual beings incarnated in human form to complete their re-turn from individual (material) to collective (Aeonic) mysteriously ascending their vibration from the cross of the world in a manner of Christ. The moment Zvenda Sventana (Planetary Logos of Mother Earth) ascends to compliment the frequency of New Ray, THE FLOOD of Cosmic Radiation will wash The Earth and not one entity “stuck in the mud” will survive (just like viruses perish by being exposed to higher than their life-range frequency.)


LOOK AROUND! It already happens! Zvenda Sventana YEARNS on-high and breaks all diseased crust: when regional frequency is below Planetary Logos standard, the entire region undergoes surgery to purge the place for NEW and HEALTHY seed to be planted. Take a moment to contemplate WHAT KIND of places affected by magnificent earthquakes… the way life was conducted in these regions for many decades??? Since time immemorial Sages interpreted magnificent earthquakes as purification of the land and a sign of the coming of Enlightened Ones (among others, so taught Gautama Buddha.) Places, where spiritual life flourishes due to great number of TRUE spiritually-minded dwellers, are never affected by cataclysms as they are continuously purified by saints who live there. Well, who can really tell a saint in a crowd?)


Collective – not individual

AEYONIK TANTRA — not Kama Sutra

Creative AEROS – not individual indulgences


As seen from aforementioned, enlightening Earthlings on The Art of TANTRA as magical ceremonial way of collective creatorship as oppose to already extinct way of individual desire-ship of Kamasutra IS URGENT!


Zero Degree alignment happens this April and ONLY once every 42 years.


Did you know that it was due to this alignment that 1967-1969 had gifted people liberty break-through not only scientifically – as world-wide tendency of hippies too! FLOWER CHILDREN were result of this alignment aiming to be-live New Consciousness of swiftly dawning Age of Aquarius. Hippie comet was bound to fail due to overall unpreparedness: as of the Planet, so of the human world. Why? To handle Spiritual An-Archy in Its Highest Spiritual Sense is to live freely beyond the rule of Archons, which even now remains beyond the imaginings for most awakened souls not to mention narrow-minded materially-enslaved… Flower Children sensed that creative freedom IS theirs to be practiced, yet they didn’t know HOW, WHERE or WHY. They knew that LIFE is to be driven by creative aeros, yet majority participants were not spiritually prepared to “ride a wild tiger” or “to walk the razor edge” of aeros because TANTRA – spiritual science of creative aerotic communion, – has been taboo for thousands of years as The Earth was not ready and the people had to wait and watch first flower movement drowned in drugs and abuse * YET* becoming a lesson: aeros is a power that can completely liberate or utterly destroy: do you remember Phaeton and his ride on Father’s chariot of AEROS? Hippie rise and fall had served as spiritual wake up call to rediscover what was hidden and reclaim the rite; it was an introduction to what is to follow – The Age of Creative Consciousness operating by and through the energies of Cosmic Aeros.


The Time of initiation is NOW


Zero Degree alignment happens this April and only every 42 years: same “window” as in 1968 with a major difference – humanity is so much more spiritually prepared! Are we willing to let this freedom by-pass as before OR are we ready to leave the mistaken approach to Life as Kama Sutra and to return to OUR ROOT – Creativity of AEOns of Pure Light – FatherMother TANTRA? Time is running out FAST. TANTRA is not something one can master overnight… Let us not waste this “window” of opportunity as human consciousness all over the world be-comes NATURALLY RECEPTIVE to NEW WAYS! Great Age of Creative Consciousness – Human CreatorCreatrix on Cosmic Scale.


Collective – not individual

AEYONIK TANTRA — not Kama Sutra

Creative AEROS – not individual de-sires


4 thoughts on “Why Urgency?

  1. TanTra… Kama Sutra… Are you sure you know what Kama Sutra is ?)http://cid-0e81830c447e5d56.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/The%20Song%20of%20Songs/Kama%20Sutra%20-%20art%20of%20individual%20desireship.doc

  2. Question:I\’m curious about and would like to understand your zero degrees references. Jupiter enters Aries on 6 June. I\’m looking to see what changed in April, but can\’t seem to find it….. In 1968, Jupiter was in Virgo, so once again, I don\’t understand the correlation.Answer: Thank you for bringing it up as it seems to raise a question of discrepancies in various calculation systems… I used human calculation systems only to have "solid" reference… 🙂 My reference to April 2010 came from India: http://www.kumbhamela.netReference to 42-year "break through" cycle, when Jupiter is either in Aries or Libra, belongs to Cathrine Grant. Whatever the discrepancies, all sources agree that Zero Degrees (World Point) occurs in 2010. I\’m not sure what changes you\’ve been looking for to see: most humans are too coated and, thus, slow to channel change (protective resistance 🙂 My note was intended to irritate from outside in and to thin intellectual resistance by friction of either belief or doubt (latter is always better:)Planet Itself celebrated this alignment with the most magnificent spiritual sign ever: Huge Volcanic eruption in Iceland – fire igniting ice – hail to new beginning – inflammation of boar-helmet wearer. In Icelandic runes this eruption signifies coition of Fehu (energy, wealth, new journey, Freya group) and Isa (stillness, silence, concentration, one who wears BOAR\’s helmet, Hagal group). I\’m sure you know that TRUE knowing doesn\’t come from human calculations 🙂 I KNOW this rune reading IMMOVABLY regardless of any human calculations – not only because runes are an integral part of my spiritual memory – true reading always occurs as necessary Spiritual Trans-action – not by occasional throw of dice… I KNOW immovably that Power of Aeros (Freya=Shakti) ignited Ice of Isa (HA-GA-La=Shiva) on December 24 2009… This was the only possible GAP for Essence to HAIL New Birth to touch Planetary realm… I\’m sure you understand why… 🙂 my essence had experienced event directly: I of Isa under an influence of Fiery Freya opened Itself as a gateway () and totally NEW beginnings of quantum leap came out as a wealth of Fehu to initiate the canvas of akasha. This is not the first time that my essence experiences NEW planetary change…It always takes time for matter to imprint ANY change from onhigh (safety reasons not to harm due degrees of sensitivity of various material veils 🙂 Precise astrological calendar date doesn\’t matter! Let human systems err as they always are because they fail to consider unpredictable – only calculated (intellectual) change. There is no known intellectual system that can calculate space/time of quantum leap – even scientists agree 🙂 The time has come to move beyond intellect as it cannot operate where quantum mechanics of Primordial Nature ARE… Intellect must be re-modeled by each Intuit from ZERO… Planetary sensitivity IS different than individual ALWAYS (size matters, you know 🙂 + it is Planet Earth that "requests" change by Its vibe. Individual units of life, BY MOST, are Its extensions + blinded by "art-I-facial intellegence" 🙂 Icelandic volcano erupting on this scale is the surest sign for ZERO Point equation… as ashes cover the earth, so blinding fog protects from sight of a "New Sun" those minds, for whom it is TOO bright to behold just yet… You will KNOW in an instant it is safe for YOUR being to bathe in its rays… Just keep yourself OPEN as much as you can allow… Any memories and knowledge work against you here because Totally New is a blank page… We are in age of blank page – you can choose to become blank of NOW or to keep on being tied by memories of old knowledge… Good symbol is Mayan Calendar: it ends leaving a blank for future without past. Most are terrified by nothingness of unpredictability because we have been conditioned to forget ecstatic freedom of being empty flames of Pure Love-Life… simply being in empty sky without any external supports and no past or future as far as eye can see… This is how NOW feels… Most vibrant LIVE Vacuum…Response to the answer: Thank you, for your very thoughtful and detailed response! I agree with your points, and can only tell you that I can FEEL the changes happening. As I explained to a friend recently, it feels as if I am *d i s i n t e g r a t i n g* as if there is more and more stardust between the atoms in my body… It\’s very exciting and new! I\’m not intellectual at all!I am more feeling, intuitive…P.S. YES!!! AEYONIK TanTra is for those who are brave enough TO BE intuitive NOW – NOT TO BE past-caused-future intellectuals 🙂

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