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Art of TanTra

Art of TanTra CROWNS Raja Yoga 

Art of TanTra re-allies continuous connection in-between ALL states.

Its tools are many… TanTra Vehicle is AEROS… TanTra Instrument is HUMAN BEING and Its Grace of consciousness, persona, 10-fold body capable of tuning-IN, experiencing, and transcending… 

TanTra meditation does not enlighten through motionLESSness – TanTra transcends through Emotion-ness: far greater achievement to experience a hurrucane and "not be moved" than to "be still" in quiet room… ALL our faculties involved.  Our deepest de-sires are encouraged to surface to be known and transended. Aerotic rituals arise Raw Power Source. Our ROOT awakens and trans-sends itself to BE ITSELF.  

In essense, TanTra is an Art of Hole: of sawing, growing, enjoying, cutting down and uprooting Olden Tree so well, that only Hole remains…

And, being Hole, IT can receive New Seed again…

Indigo Seed – no longer individual – collective and awake in 6th dimention of consciousness: without reflected