Practice of Mantra


Ever since I was conscious of myself, I always repeated "I am what I am – no more no less" in any situation that was not adequate or too challenging for the mind not to shake. How interesting it was to find out that Sau Hum Mantra means exactly that! Withing this , I marveled: "Oh! What a master he must be if he can chant EVENLY during inhale and exhale!" I began to chant with the voice before I read a statement: "chanting during inhalation doesn’t work" SO 🙂 Not knowing that it "doesn’t work", I was chanting while inhaling (Sau) and exhaling (Hum) and… after about 20 inhales with somewhat rusty sounding vocal cords, the power of concentration readjusted them through mind and purely sound of Sau began! As clean on inhale as on exhale! Hummmmm… YES! It is possible to sing and chant while inhaling! It is possible because the mind doesn’t know it is impossible! Of course it takes some caution and practice (I remembered advise of ParamahaNsa Yogaananda to moist throat with oil before beginning practicing kriya:) Sau! As the flute of Krishna is open on both ends, so is our throat – the sound is within no matter which way the air blows! HMmmmm… This spontaneously led to a revelation of the mystery that long puzzled me: "what IS the right direction: Sau-HM or HM-Sau?)" The answer (as lightning of awareness) appeared quite amuzing: breath of prajna IZ exactly opposite to the direction of physical breath! As the physical body inhales, Kundalini exhales raising up (in my experience through the crown and out.) As the physical body exhales, Prajna inhales and desends (in my experience through the crown) into the channel and fills all the nadis. Co-incident of physical with spiritual leads to UNIFIED BREATH (six-petaled flower of life also known as Star of David – seed symbol of air in Anahata Chakra, where ascending and descending air meet :). Soon after this discovery my body-mind attempted to imitate the direction of spiritual breathing (what a quick chitta:) This enlightenment was followed by a third one: when ParamaHaMSa within is awakened HM-Sau and Sau-HM must be alternated in order to harmonize the question and the answer: ParamaHaMSa questions and KNOWS Itself as SauHam – the question IS an answer 🙂  In my practice awakening of ParamaHaMSa was a beautiful vision: White Swan with Red Crown awakening on the second story of a House without forth wall and spreading wide its magnificient wings. The roof of this strange House was triangular. Simultaneously it appeared to be levitating triangular Mount – its base adorned with alternating red and and black bob-ties 🙂 Ego (portrayed as little wizard man wearing glasses and called RaM) came to it and examined It with its wand. The House where ParamaHaMsa awakened was situated near primordial Void surrounded by gold of sun and silver of moon. First floor of the House rested several feet above the endless horizontal, beneath which single virtical pipe of gold (that started at the bottom of the House) became divided into complex "plumming" system resembling the horns of a deer (1000 nadis 🙂


Mahamrityunjaya Mantra (maha-mrityun-jaya) is one of the more potent of the ancient Sanskrit mantras. Maha mrityunjaya is a call for enlightenment enchanting chanting by Shri Ashwinkumar Pathak contains handwritten mantra and translation of all words as the mantra is chanted by Swami Nardanand.

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mukshiya Maamritat

 We Meditate on the Three-eyed reality
Which permeates and nourishes all like a fragrance.
May we be liberated from death for the sake of immortality,
Even as the cucumber is severed from bondage to the creeper. video is of pulsating bindu of blue and gold with beautiful melody

Maha Gayatri Mantra
Om Namah Shiva Ya
Mahavatar Babaji and Mantra OM Namah Shivaya
 this video has one most profound photograph of the left palm of Babaji – notice how AUM  is tatooed – this IS the correct shape as oppose to wide-used substitute the seekers accept without questioning (In the West instead of Sign of Perfect Trimurti a sign of Incomplete/Flood is taught as the symbol of Supreme Self!) Such little things can reveal a lot about DEPTH of Self-Realization 🙂 The true shape of TRI-kuti AUM was revealed to my mind as I practiced Siddham calligraphy and it is identical with the sign drawn on the palm of Babaji hand! Only the correctly written sid-dhaM can benefit the seeker – the wrong shape will, at least, hold the seeker and the sound in its bound. Abbreviating A-U-M with singular O + visarga above it, the mudra of primal trikuti is substitued with mudra of 1/3 outcome (sid-dhammas of AU (=flood) and U (=incomplete) are identical!) Here is the table – please examine the siddham signs for yourself: Some call Ajna – chakra of ignorance. Is it because they see its simbol that means incomplete/flood (UM/OM)? Why not question the image itself?! Yet most practitioners are too timid to question what appears to be ancient original… Well, mistakes can last very long if not corrected. My Inner Guru corrected this one for me: AUM is ALWAYS AUM (Trimurti of Paramatman or Mahavairochana in its womb (manifest) aspect). Ajna produces flood, yet True seed of Ajna is AUM "fixed" as on the cross between two wings of Creation (HaM) and Destruction (Ksha). It is the a-jna (forgetfulness) of Love that enables the flood of creation and destruction: an illusion that Beloved is other than the Loving one enables Unmanifest to dream Itself as two Lovers becoming The Song of Love we all are a part of! As the sound of one line dissolves, another begins until the vibrant painting of adoration depicting all sights of The Beloved completes… 🙂 

Yet, even in forgetfullness of a dream The SEED remains unaltered (or else it would not be able to remember Itself 🙂 If you practice writing Tripura of AUM strictly adhering to the order of strokes prescribed by the masters, you will most certainly reveal same truths as were revealed in my mind 🙂 this video contains some of the inspirations Babaji shared with the world.


40 day practice (for any mantra) is given at (for Mahamrityunjaya mantra)

The period of 40 days has been widely recognized as an auspicious period both in the East and the West since ancient times (Example from I.M. meditations: 40 days… the simplest sacred assosiation is 8 days (8-spoked wheel) each wheel dedicated to each of 5 (points of mandala, mahabhutas, devatas, elements, 5-pointed star of The Son). 40 days… It is as long as it takes the soul to fully depart from material plane… 40 days… Ancient calendars kept this count sacred: ancient Slavic counts 40 days as one sacred cycle (month); Maya considered 20 days as such, however they noted that each "trecena" (round of 13 cycles) has ascent and descent (Emerald Tablets of Thoth: "descending I ascend").  Slavic 40=Mayan 20 x 2:

Mayan complete cycle of 20 in each of 9 dual "hazes" (9 times Time rises and falls through its 20 names -through 9 disguises being 10th (unified) at all times. Mayan seers declared one full round as trecena with 14-th cycle being a period of no duration= ZERO=bindu=point of arrival and departure for each of 13:) 13 + 1 count corresponds to sumtotal of: 6 per-son-AL + 7 suprapersonal (heavens) + ONE supreme source (6 per-son-al worlds (from swadhistana to ajna except muladhara, which is "extention" of sahasrara) + 7 abodes of mahadeva (muladhara, 5 head chakras: chitta-indu-nirwana-guru-sahasrara and Hrit – central chakra of being) + supreme bindu (Point Zero of all that is)

Slavic: each of nine 40-day months included four 9-day weeks (2 ascending+2descending) and 4 days of unified 10th for each of 9 => 40=9×4+4). One round of Swaroh is composed of 16 houses with 17-th being Center. 16 + 1 count is part of Shri Yantra as well as corresponds to vishudha(swarga). Trikuti of guru chakra contains 16 units of sun,16 of moon,16 of primordial fire and 1 unit of Life… Indu chakra has 9-sided jewel within 16-petaled lotus and a central bindu of HM-Sau – exact match of round of Swaroh… 

These examples are to share simple truth: EACH practitioner can find most sacred relation in order to engage in practice wholeheartedly

The Agni of inspiration is tended to as the ancient priestesses tended to sacred altar fire… Each of us is the priest or priestess of our most sacred altar within… If practice is sacred, then each of 40 days reveals 1 lightning KNOWING within through sound of vibration of the chosen man-tra. Each day the cosmic energy is alligned differently and so is the angular relation between star rays. Because of that the 40 angles of revalation ARE unique (lustre of a spinning diamond changes gradually revealing all its splendor) Mantra is a sound code. The everhanging cosmic energy shines through the Mantra Code as Light through the rotating diamond (hence, Tibetan Prayer Wheels 🙂 From other side the one who prays is sending through the mantra his or her unique vibration into space. Two meet through third. Contact and revelation… Thus each day reveals IN US one of the Aspects coloured with unique hue of relationship within-without Our Self… Each day – new splendour 🙂

Remembering how sacred the numbers 14, 16, 20, 40, 100, 1000 and 8 are, EYE keep in mind that the mantra itself is Divine in Its Nature and who else but Supreme Self chants it from without within addressing Itself as trikuti of 3 visargas and their anuswaras and… as Supreme Bindu and Its AWE (O)

In rapture that the ultimate goal of practice is to cause the Supreme Self to transcend Its own light of mind and to dissolve in Its True Nature of Absolute Bliss, EYE pass step-stones of Its attributes (accessed through mantra) swiftly… unattached… longing for The Ultimate communion with The Beloved… , Oh! Even the words Pure Love urge EYE to chant with such degree of trust and openness… inspired by awareness of discovery EYE seek 🙂 

 Let Love and Light be with you!


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