Divine Plan for Daughters and Sons of God

In the beginning Pure Void “explodes” as Invisible Light – as if FatherDaughter (Pure Love=Pure Light)


Pure Light as if Mother emits Pure “drop” of Itself (Son and its Luminance) – an EYE and a DEED of desire (Brahma) to LOVE and KNOW Itself.


Moved by Love Pure Drop emanates the Ocean of SOUNDS (Lila). The time (as space of being) begins. First beat of The Cosmic Heart…


We are children in the image of Pure Light.

Thus, manifestation and realization of Pure Light is different for Its Daughter-Mother and Son-Father aspects.

Therefore it is said: “Women KNOW, Men are LEARNING to realize Self.”


Contemplating these images reveals the Truth of it:

Father as Son free wills to dream Sacred Waters of Sounds (Sound to Silence is as drink of cosmic poison:) thus stirring the “ocean” of rainbow Lila adorning Pure Light as if a mask. This veil, this fig-leaf, this vibratory mask of Its fragmented (samsara) yet never divided (nirvana) PURE LIGHT Father as Son contemplates gradually satisfying Its love to know and to do. Having reached complete satisfaction, Father as Son by the Power of Its Light (Daughter-Mother) transcends the mask of Its Lila. This Love – this Power – this ever Guiding Light Son-aspects call Snake Power for it appears to be a sacred cord upon which Pure Drop “hangs” from Its Source through the dream-space of being


TRUE females ARE the embodiments of this Power.

 TRUE females ARE Pure Light that is adorned in colorful Lila!


Father (within) is the Son (without), who travels far through Lila-Maya to LEARN Itself yet never looses sight of Its True Light thanks to Its Power (Daughter-Mother): As man travels, woman keeps the lamp lit…

Therefore it is said: “Women – KNOW, men – are LEARNING Self”…

All it takes is to discover which aspect of Pure Light you are!

Are you Father as Son or Daughter as Mother?

True Females don’t need to tread The Way – they ARE The Way of realization for the Father as Son!

To BE The Way is to undress to Its Essence:

Feminine aspect of Divine is TO BE THE GUIDING Light!

In order to BE-COME Divine Female, women need to stop being men – to realize the difference and stop threading spiritual life as Sons.

BE the Light for The Son that you are!

 Don’t follow the Son behind as mad queen pretending to be crooked old man!

Realize that Lila is 1000000000… petals of The Son who is the limb of The Mother who is The Daughter to The Father aspect of Pure Light! 

This is the only Truth needed to fulfill Spiritual LIFE and Its purpose.

This Truth had been thrown into the mud of materialism and walked upon by many generations until men began to see women as a threat to their Spiritual Growth…

Let Daughters of Pure Love raise this Truth and wash it with their Light and put it on a high Place where it belongs to so that all beings can once again benefit from Spiritual Relation-Ship as it was meant to!

Let The Sons travel all stretches of Lila

Let Loving Mother stand on a Threshold and hold untiringly The Guiding Lamp for Sons to never loose the sight of The True Home – Pure Light!

This is what Lao Tzu meant when he asked: “Can you reach a threshold and be still?”

To return HOME all Pure Drops (Sons) must be “swallowed” by The Mother.

When The Son be-comes Threshold of The MotherDaughter, then The Son stops dreaming and awakes as Pure Light Standing on the threshold as Loving Mother Jesus-the-disciple-of-Xristos said to the sons of Earth: “I am The Door”

When Xristos merged with Pure Light, Jesus-the-disciple-of Xristos declared to the sons of the earth: “I am The Father”

This was completion of a journey of Jesus-the-disciple-of-Xristos

There were many before him and there come many after him.

As the last Name-the-deed-of-The Son merges in Pure Drop,

Last beat of The Cosmic Heart…

The Son merges through Motherly Light

complete satisfaction

Light to none

Pure Void




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