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Price of spiritual development

My friend emailed me this:


The more pure and spiritually developed a person is (especially if they are actively working towards real spiritual advancement) the more attention they will attract from the negatives to pull them down. In other words, the potential of any aspirant generates their level of negative opposition, plus their level of positive assistance, as set by Karmic Law. This is the natural way of things, and is part of the reason why real long-term spiritual development is so difficult. And this is also why those that achieve any significant level of spiritual / psychic development usually live fairly difficult lives, or have a painful past.” (from




"The more pure and spiritually developed a person is (especially if they are actively working towards real spiritual advancement) the more attention they will attract from the negatives to pull them down." What it says only APPEARS to be true, yet it carries much complaint and nearsightedness, which arise from dual perception of the ego. Only nearsighted ego believes that all those negatives arise from someplace else "to pull them down". Only ego can never overcome duality and it will never understand that "we see as we are and as we are so is our world".
Pure Light of SpiritSoul is PERFECTLY balanced – there is no good or evil, negative or positive per say – all is valuable and to the point at each moment. There is one perfect luminescence WHICH, when penetrating an individual soul that has undertaken spiritual endeavor to un-cover Its Spiritual Root, merely depicts those traits that became causes and conditionings of separation (individuation) and, to make them visible to an aspirant, these traits and conditionings are REFLECTED all around the aspirant as long as it takes for the aspirant to realize them for what they really are and to uproot all of those "oppositions" to One True Self. So called temptations ARE pure temptations – we can either react or let them pass. Once the liberation from any and all separating traits and conditionings is accomplished, there are neither negative oppositions nor any difficulties. On the contrary, when such a liberated soul does all according to True Self, when ego and intellect no longer oppose in self-will, but are completely subordinated to Will of Pure Spirit-Mind, all wishes come true and all thoughts materialize for the law of attraction brings only that which SINCRONIZES with who we are in the deepest sense. The only curiosity of such transformation is that the nearer we are, the less we need until we can live as is in joy and contentment 🙂  
One Russian priest said very brave and truthful thing: "Each soul is given what’s best for its unfoldment in each particular moment of its experience. If God thinks that it’s better for the person to be sick, the person will be sick for as long as it takes…" Then he fell silent, because he knew that only few will really understand, the rest will be filled with anger and need for pity…
If our True Self thinks that Its ego had learned a lesson embodied by a sickness (situation or obstacle), this learning condition disappears and never returns unless the ego tries to repeat the mistake.
It takes much clarity to realize that Mara is friend and teacher and that Yama is the best teacher of all… When Jesus said "I am alpha and omega – the first and the last", he meant exactly that – I am The Highest and the Lowest – The Most Holy and The Most Scorned – the lamb and the goat – the god and the devil – an axel of two poles – both in one… And all the ripples that arise from each stroke of the scull (=double oar 🙂 appear to our ego as "negative opposition" and "positive assistance".  
Just recently had a conversation with one brainiac, whose spiritual potential is very high, yet he is still seeing himself as a sailor of the boat with a mast, who feels the breeze AND has the power to decide whether to rise a sail or not (a stick of individual ego, which can decide to be a mast of the ship and accept the sail or to be a stick in the mud if it decides that it doesn’t want such a labour as to uphold a sail of Its Soul for the breeze of the Spirit-Mind.)  Then, I told him that I see souls as flowers that at first are tight closed bud, but then gradually open and thus bare their inmost heart to perceive more and more reality around them (as the petals-veils obscure this Reality less and less). He said: "Oh, but your vision is of inevitability, mine – of FREE Choice." Later True Self revealed to me that neither perception can exist without another – in fact, we begin as a stick in a mud (lower mind) and then use our will to clarify the mud to become the sea, the mind – the sailor, the soul – the ship, and the ego – the mast. When the sailor feels the breeze, he truly has the choice to raise the sail or not, but when he does… the ship and the sailor transform into a flower – as the sail is continually filled by light breeze of the spirit, so the petals of the flower are gradually opened by the warm radiance of Spiritual Sun… One process completes another until ALL PETALS FALL DOWN and ONLY THEN the seeker discovers Its naked heart completely revealed to reality all around and realizes that "there is no spoon"="there is no duality = one who tastes the soup is the soup itself…"   

True price for spiritual un-foldment is the individual (ego) itself.


Let Love and Light be with you!