Divine Femenine

Dear friends, 

 The following may be-come Great inspiration for all who are femenine=perceptive=intuitive=channeling through enough to see the truth 🙂

 Following link describes Tantric view of Yoni – female aspect of The Absolute (Parabrahman) – the cause of all causes and the primordial essense of all that was, is, will be and is no more:


 Gnostics (small group of people, who claimed to be true followers of teachings of Christ as oppose to "official" Christian Organized religion) preserved revelation of female aspect of The Pure Awe-are-ness – Its Pure Love – Barbelo exactly in the same way: "Womb of all that is triple masculine…"


Dual principle of One Source is accepted not only in Eastern Traditions of AyyaVazhi, TanTra, Yoga, Bon, Buddhism, DzoDzen, Taoism, etc. Dual Source is the Cause of causes as described in "Big Bang" theory. Qquantum theory describes Dual Essense in scientific terms. Astrophysics describe all sorts of rays (which, in truth, are particles=energy waves generating sources). Description of cosmic particles (beginning with quant) EXACTLY matches The Union of ParaShivaMahaShakti as Point-of-Wave-Producing-Particle-Initiating Energy of Its limitless "I AM"  (PurushaPrakriti=XristosSophia)  


Our phisical bodies (be it male or female) are created in the image of Divine Union of Father-Mother-Child and Womb triple-masculine. Our bodies are sacred "mini-me’s" of Macrocosm (Pure Love and Its 1000-fold Lila). Our Atman (Sacred Heart), Spirit (Purusha=Breath), Soul (Astral Body = Akasha = Prakriti), Mind and Its Intellect (Ganesha and Its Mouse) and clay vessel (body made from the "dust" of the earth) are essential building parts of a perfect machine (Golem) to be utilized by Higher Self (FatherMother).


Womb Triple Masculine – Bar-Bel-O is 10-fold MahaShakti in Its triple masculinity (Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva)…


Our phisical bodies are successive planes of triplicities – "mini-me’s" of Divine Union of Father-Mother-Child… Womb triple-masculine and Its many-festive Child…  Mouth-tongue-teeths and its speech… Triple heart and its beat… Female Womb and its Pure Yoni – hollow chalice triple masculine – two upper "angels" (eggs-producing ovaries) sound their trumpets (flow of eggs through ovary tubes) into the chalice of holy Womb as third "angel" (vaginal passage terminating in two sets of wide-open lips) sounds its pipe to deliver new-born "star of life" into the world. Male "triangularity" is also Yoni, but as if fallen out – phallus with its two testicles is Female Womb turned inside out to reflect Divine Desire of The Child to manifest the seed-deeds of The Father – Holy Grail (The Chalice) turns out to become nearly hollowless Sword of Arthur… Arthur, after going through satiation of lesser desires, realizes he is to go on a quest for Lost Chalice… Even though in male body The Chalice flipped inside out, its functions remain: two upper "angels" (seed-producing testacles) sound their trumpets (channels delivering seed) into united pipe of third "angel" (phallic passage terminating in two sets of tightly squeezed lips:) spits out "great news" of immaculate conception to the virgin womb, who holds white flower of Lily (Six-petaled Flower of Life=United Sword in Chalice)…


 Without Hollow-Holey-Holy Womb and Its Power to receive-nurture-deliver a child "triple-masculine" Angels of production (three of the seed and three of the egg) are useless… Unmanifest cannot become manifested Creative Seed-Deed of Itself without Its All-Accomplishing Womb – without Perfect Union of Lily – Sword in Chalice… Jew-El Adam must relinquish his self-will to dominate (eve) and return to balanced union with God-given Power of Life – Lilith. Therefore, we speak of spiritual purification – emptying and clarifying our Golem to become succession of empty chalices upon hollowed sword.


For the purpose of phisical creation, it is important to know that our body reflects our HeartMind and two upper "angels" of either Chalice or Sword are corresponding to BrahmaLakshmi (desire to create) and ShivaShakti (desire to destroy) and the third "angle" equals PurushaPrakriti (Preserver and Channel of manifestation.) It is precisely why people are born with predominant traits of either ShivaShakti or BrahmaLakshmi. Until now no one was born a Preserver – we had to balance the two to BECOME XristosSophia. Uniting Sun and Moon was the first step that resulted in complete make-over of ALL bodies of reformed Preserver (The Son). Indigo Children ARE born already united – our "Self-realization" is their "basic" inborn-quality. Steps of physical incarnation: HeartMind shapes Spirit-aspect. Spirit-aspect shapes Soul. Soul shapes DNA. DNA shapes physical seed that ALWAYS unites with complimentary egg. To KNOW this is crucial as for creative communion so for a process of child-birth of United Aspects of 6-th Race. 


NEW POINT OF DEPARTURE demands that Hue-man and Hue-woman can LIVE in no other way, but in PERFECT BALANCE of Primordial Nature – as within, so without… Being born in a female body does not automatically makes a woman femenine just as being born in a male body does not automatically makes a man masculine. We MUST balance femenine-masculine WITHIN if we are to become participants in a SHIFT to New Age Consciousness. New Age is The Age of Creative communion and synthesis of FatherMother ASPECTS.


This requires us to completely relinquish "wandering Jew" concept of consciousness. As Lilith to Adam in the womb of PaRadise so power to mind in triple womb of human consciousness: "triple masculine" vessel (hypophis and two-sided brain) child-bears ideas clothed in sheaths of creative thoughts into vast outer womb of planetary scheme and Uni-Verse. If a per-son (be It in a body of a woman or a man) is creating as proud self-will (wandering Jew=AdamEve), his/her mind "flips" inside out just as ever protruded desirous tongue OR protruded desirous phallus. Such conscience (be It in a body of a woman or a man) begets half-per-son – vast womb of Omega cannot receive Alpha! Its holiness is so squized by self-willed outwardness, that it becomes a "sword" set in stone – such limited consciousness can either "channel" what’s inside its "narrow" capacity or to reflect/repeat whatever "leftovers" it receives from outside influence (creative seeds that already received its birth through open creative minds). It is clear that self-willed thoughts and ideas are not inspired by True Know-Ledge illuminating as True Continuum of The Source – they coinside with Truth only by accident – "sheer dumb luck" as people say. Many say: it’s a "men’s world". Few understand what it truly means… When "grey matter" dictates the heart how to beat and what to create, the natural order of life is per-versed and so re-versed souls are lost "in the labyrinth of The Minataur" – the Night-Mare (Mara=deamon kali=pollution of the clarity and per-versity of True-Verse)…


 To become "femenine" is to relinquish proud (adam-ant) self-will – to re-turn sword into chalice – to look "onhigh" instead of "downwards" – to make one’s mind as concentrated and open as 1000-petaled LOTUS FLOWER – to become A Yoni – Omega to Alpha – human womb triple-masculine openly coinsiding with Cosmic Womb… Such open-minded per-son is fitted to participate in the 6th Race. As Truly FEMENINE co-creator of God aspect of FatherMother freely "asks and receives" seed-deed impowered by Universal Free Will (ParaShivaMahaShakti) & unfolded by Its Continuum of Ideas (Devas) with its workers (thoughts) that are manifested upon the fiery leaf of our tongue, through the deeds of two five-petaled magic wands to shape the clay of matter and carried across the Universe upon dancing SHESHA of our feet…      


Divine Femenine is the ever changing existence of Unmanifest. Matter is moved by The Great Creatrix. Only Truly Femenine Women and Men have always accomplished all planetary creation, destruction of old and beginning of all new – all of change… We call them Mahatmas… We call them Messiahs (from mission=deed)… We call them genius (GENUINE)… Each one of them is PERFECT UNION of FatherMother… And on earth they ALWAYS had a COMPANION. There would’ve been no Jesus-Christ without Mary-Magdalene… There wouldn’t been Solomon without Shiba… There is no Shiva without Shakti and Krishna without Radha… No Romeo without Juliet… No desire without Love… Mind is a sword in a chalice… Heart is a chariot of Fire… Pure Love inspires Heart – Heart beats… Its beat as SPACE of entire existence – TIME. Inspired Heart inspires Mind – TWO co-creators…


Let the women be truly femenine – truly perceptive creative forces of Free Will as The True Nature Inspires us. Let the men become femenine enough to learn from True Women to co-create as The Sons – to be inspired as the womb receiving seed to nurture – to produce a child of the art of life – as DEED of COSMIC TanTra…


In the Sixth Age of Aquarius let us be-come clear empty cups to receive Renewed Blessings. Let our minds be as pure as Father’s Pure Mind so when Great Mother Ganga comes down on our "heads"  we "shall not be moved" being holy-femenine enough to CHANEL downpour of Fiery Waters… Let our souls be as thin as Vishnu’s leaf upon the waters… Let our Heart be so enflamed with Love that we as Shiva and Parvati will be able to make love non-stop and outpour United Self in great abundance…



Pure is The Absolute Void (Father) and Its Love (Virgin Mother) is The Absolute Power that begets, moves, and destroys ALL possible manifestations of Absolute Void. Pure Cosmic AERos – Virgin Daughter of The Father and Mother of all that is… in its entire glory. The Child – Pure Drop of  "sweat" swollen on Aeros-enflamed Absolute Void – a witness of Itself and Its unlimited possibility in DEED – Its Song of Songs that is possible only through Motherly Chalice of All Three.


Pure Love revealed in "my" conscience DIRECTLY… First reaction was: "Oh, My GOD! We – all of us, – never "went" anywhere – we are in The Presence of Pure Love 24/7 – we witnessed IT and became only because we solely WISHED TO LOVE as perfectly as FatherMother… and so we "moved" to SING of LOVE… No other motivation ever existed, exists or will exist. 


PURE LOVE lies beyond the intellect that reads these lines now… beyond mind… beyond Soul… beyond Spirit… To transcend all veils – TO BE NAKED TRUTH of FatherMother TanTra…  


Pure LOVE – ALL THAT IS! Light and its luminance – dreamer and its dream – lover and its love – air and its wind – stars in the cosmic womb – all of us – many voices of One Source – One Love… We came forward – we go back… Having sung our self-willed songs, we enter The Age of Collective Star Seed Song… We return to AEONS of True Source…


Discove Pure Love for yourself by whatever means you can – only having discovered Pure Love of FatherMother and a Child can you begin to realize TRUE BEAUTY and to practice Cosmic Art of TanTra!!!




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